Station LIfe

Are there any stories on station life. Do capsuleers and normal staff mix, have common living areas. Is food generated in station or imported. What does a station smell like.
What is it like culturally and economically. I presume they are like small cities, what is the population and social class like or the station automated with minimal staff?
I am presuming that non capsuleer ship crew would need R&R?
Do we have any cannonical or non cannonical stories?

About Jita station

A lot of stories there

In a short story in EON Magazine it was implied that it can be quite dangerous for capsuleers to be out of their pod and mingling with “normal” people. Outside the pod you’re exposed and don’t carry the same influence as such.

Specifically, a capsuleer is only ‘immortal’ when she is in her pod. When the capsuleer is in pod, if she gets killed, the capsule itself takes a “snapshot” of her mind in its present state and then transfers all that data (memories, skills, etc) into her medical clone. Meanwhile, if a capsuleer is shot in station, planetside, or literally any place but her pod, she’s just as dead as any other human.

OP: Probably the biggest collection of lore is on the Backstage Wiki:

The ‘Chronicles’ are mostly the same as in Nana’s second link, but also the ‘Lore’ button on Backstage takes you to things like capsule-clone technology, planetary technology, and cultural customs both in space and planetside.

I’m pretty sure there’s a pinned topic with a lot of lore links on this forum too. // Edit: Here it is EVE Lore FAQ & Lore Resources Megathread


We have seen contradictions to this however in EVE Empyrean Age and the EON chronicle I’m referring to where they can still be transferred to a clone with no immediate snapshot and if the clones are located in the same station.

I definitely recommend The Burning Life for a picture of typical baseliner activity, including station living and travel. Great perspective for capsuleers. I picked it up on Google Books and finished it after a few days’ worth of commutes.

Thanks all that is some great insight …

If so, that wouldn’t be a contradiction, just an exception to the norm. :slight_smile:

I have never seen that, though, and I’ve done a good bit of lore-reading. I’ve seen multiple sources state that the clone transfer can only be done reliably within the pod. There have been attempts at making similar technology that can work in an automobile or as a handheld, but those devices usually result in, shall we say, grisly outcomes.

Rather, what you’re describing sounds less like consciousness transfer and more like an upload from remote storage. Do you have a link to that story, by any chance?

Soft cloning is pretty canon at this point. Falcon posted some stuff about it in the reddit thread on cloning a few years ago. It’s meant to be way more expensive and time consuming and you obviously lose memory of the period between the very time consuming scan and the death. But it is a thing.

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Transferring conciousness is totally doable without a pod since empires found the implants for clone soldiers and reverse engineered them

That isn’t compatible for pod pilots. It’s possible nova could change that but none of the clone implant types currently work with the others

You’ll also want to note certain Gallente and Minmatar stations in-game, which clearly show vast stretches of on-board cityscape/parks/farmland.

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Quite right, some published exceptions. :slight_smile:

I’ve unboxed a large pile of magazines and I’m going to go through them as soon as I can, find that story and post it here. It’s a short read but I can post the gist of it in a spoiler below:

A similar situation occurred when the late CEO of Ishukone Corporation, Otro Gariuishi, was killed as written in the novel EVE: Empyrean Age. If I recall correctly, his dilema was being out of the pod, but in a station that didn’t have his clones stored. I need to read up on that one again.

SPOILERS for EON Magazine:
In an act of betrayal a capsuleer, out of his pod and in station, is murdered by someone known to him. The end result is that he soft clones to his last brains can (when he left the mod) and therefore doesn’t remember who murdered him and any other details.

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The problem actually was all his clones were on the same station that was getting blown up.

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Much appreciated!

Aaah, soft cloning. That explains it. My understanding is that current lore is trying to edge away from soft cloning because It causes problems with the storyline. Here’s a good explanation from Backstage.

That topic is a bit old. Canon isn’t backing away from it anymore. EVE Source explicitly confirmed that backup cloning is a thing. Capsuleers can choose to create backup clones that will activate if they die out of pod, suffering memory loss dependent on how long it has been since they created the backup.

Of course, backup cloning isn’t necessarily softcloning (as in, the idea of a slow, non-fatal brain scan). Whether or not softcloning exists is not included in canon that I know of, but as someone else here mentioned, there was a fairly recent reddit post by Falcon where he talked about softcloning being a thing. Dev posts are not 100% canon, but they’re good for seeing where the lore team’s mindset on it is.


That seems fair. I’m just going off the lore I can find, and there seems to be a gap starting two or three years ago up to now. Most of what I see links for from that period are dead links now.

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