Station Reworks To Improve System

Ok, few things in here that i wanna talk about, thanks to a point one of the awesome isd guys made the other day, that there is some issues with stations. lets start with your opinions

What do you think the issues with stations are right now?
How would you improve them?

My positions

Stations have some basic issues, most importantly is their ability to be defended well by corporations with out defensive capabilities; I think there is two ways of tackling this, either by buffing them, or by making them more economically viable to non-pvp focused corps that have less, or no populations to protect them.

So in this way, i recommend we look at doing something like a insurance system for stations, so the pve corps can more easily replace them. Think barge level of efficiency in isk.

We should also look at countering the high isk income of mining corporations to control it from getting out of hand. For this reason i recommend we make rigs have a daily fuel usage rate. I dont recommend changing the current rates of anything, but simply reducing the cost of rigs by 30% in place of the longer term drain on fuel costs.

We should also tax all player owned stations a base 5% amount this will provide a huge sink for eve.

Another big issue we need to look at is that its often more efficient to drop another station then to rig it, and this should not be the case. For this reason i purpose a stacking cost effect on stations in high and low sec. this would work like it does for the war system, adding more costs as you progressive add more stations.

Maybe something like Each station has a 50M bill in high sec, 25M in low + [base + 25%]

50 > 75 > Etc

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If you cannot afford to lose it don’t fly it or place it.


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normally i agree, but stations provide a unique benefit to corporations, potentially allowing them to help corporations grow, that allows corporations to have their own income, which reduces taxes potentially on players, making the game less stressful for eveyone, and more enjoyable.

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Stations are not player owned.
Use correct terminology at least for the basic stuff sone know you have a clue what you are talking about.
Now can you provide some reasoning for why upwell structure losses should be made virtually meaningless if they have no rigs?
They are not that expensive, and corps should not be encouraged to ignore their defence. If a corp does not have defence they should go and get some.
Also evidence that mining corps are making unreasonable buckets of isk please.

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