Station trader roles in alliances?

How much does station trading play a role in alliances or Corps?

It seems like such an individual activity and lonely…

Every other activity seems to contribute to a corporate cause.

But making Isk for the sake of isk seems to not have a mechanism to collaborate

Tranquillity Trading Tower

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You make isk.

With enough knowledge and wealth you can manipulate market.
There is lot opportunities that can benefit more than one person.

Yeah. But I’m struggling to see how it can operate within an alliance…how it can be coordinated and taken advantage of.

And what alliances can do to markets or does it even matter?

Do alliances ever need anything from Jita or is that all for the plebs in LS-HS?

You don’t “station trade” in an alliance market hub.

I’m not talking about an alliance market hub. Obviously.

Then you’re not talking about anything different from regular station trading in Jita. Whether or not you’re in an alliance doesn’t matter.

You’re simply not expending the question probably because you think you’re smart.

Obviously how traders cooperate within an alliance matters. And I’m asking how that works.

Pilots can fly solo or in fleets. So what does the “fleet” collaboration of active station traders look like within corps and alliances? How do they leverage their collaboration?

Did you ever been in any corp outside hisec? No one there is constantly telling you “do x, y, z”. There are set rule you must follow and you can do whatever you want.

You must be quite high in rank to do any alliance level trading or part of logistic group.

Other than that. No one gives ■■■■ about you, you are just small fish in ocean. Reputation is only thing that matters.


Well I’m wanting more specifics though.

For instance do alliances identify enemy accounts and send out a blacklist to all members to block those accounts so they dont buy/sell to them?

That would be smart corporate espionage.

Similarly do they track areas where said accounts have a lot of activity and seek to undermine them?

…they don’t.

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How are people going to ID “enemy accounts” when everyone has a trading alt?

It’d be a waste of time.

No, this is dumb. Why would people waste their time like this?

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Well that sounds like a missed opportunity for a strategic battlefield?

Does station trading just not bring in enough isk to matter? Compared to the other farming that occurs in Null?

You’re free to start this and realize why people don’t do it after 16 years of EVE Online.
I’ll wait.

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Again, you are more than welcome to try this. You’ll waste a ton of isk and several months of your life only to come to the realization that it’s a waste of time.

Maybe they do and you just don’t know anything which has been my conclusion of you for a while

Maybe. But I can say the same thing about mining in a rorqual.

It sounds fun to do small unit buys to see who is trading what item at large values.

It’s just a form if information gathering like any other in the game

They don’t. But if it makes you feel better to lie to yourself, more power to you, I guess.

No, you can’t really. They operate on separate paradigms.

You can do this right now. Nothing is stopping you.


None of what you’ve said relates to your original question. If you want station trader roles, ask someone in your corp to name a role and give it to you.

The question applies to a broader audience. I dont have to pioneer anything when I can discuss other people’s experiences.

All you ever prove is you have a very small mind or you knowingly lie about what really goes on.

Because you have to be stupid to think major alliances dont embargo and blockade each other in the area that passes 100s trillions of isk a month.

That’s just free money going to your enemy when a LITTLE effort could blockade it

…lmao, kid, have you heard of the Tranquility Trading Tower?

The main trading hub in the entire game that’s jointly owned by the three largest nullsec blocs in the game because it makes them trillions of isk with zero effort?

Stop making stuff up.