Does anyone know in what systems i could find these station models?:


There’s various types of stations belonging to different Corporations in all areas of high security space, you can basically see most of them anywhere.

The 1st picture certainly looks like an Amarr station but I’ve never seen the top of their stations looking like that. Maybe an Amarr Marauder - Paladin - going into Bastion Mode with the picture turned vertical?

The 2nd picture is a station in the Amarr level 4 Epic Arc mission called - The Right to Rule (Final Mission). It’s Lord Myan’s safe house that you have to defend from Lord Harkan’s forces.

The 3rd picture is definitely a Gallente station.

The 4th picture looks like a Minmatar station.

The 5th picture sorta looks like a Pirate Stronghold from a mission.

The 6th picture is definitely a Minmatar station.

The 7th picture sorta looks Minmatar, may be from a mission too.

I think you can find the 2nd one in khanid space.Also something else funky khanId police frigates are crours.

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