Statues Built To Honour Players

I don’t know how EVE players are selected to have a statue of them built in recognition of their contributions to the game and to the community, but I’m sure that selection process is very strict.

I personally would add Mike Azariah to the nomination list for his Magic School Bus drive. He and his donors really help new players get started in New Eden, and as a new player that means a lot to me.


Your request is denied.


I love Mike. He knows his character’s smile is really godawfully creepy. Sinister, if I do say so myself.

I support OP’s request.

If only to bother every single person who also finds that creepy ducking smile viscerally uncomfortable.

Must include bus, leaning out with a piece of candy.

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The bus itself would be a nice honor; either as a monument in a new player system, or a commemorative Bowhead SKIN, dressed out in Rixx Javix’s riff on the Yellow Submarine, seen here: Operation Magic School Bus


Instead of statues built by the democratic vote of autists they should just have a hard cash/Plex price. I know Brewlar would pay 1 TN to have his eternal wisdom immortalised off the Jita or Hek undock.


As creepy as Billy and his ice cream truck in the Spawn animated series?

When I first met @Mike_Azariah, he gave me a Catalyst blueprint.



And that’s how you got started on your journey to become the Undisputed Queen of Highsec?


Supported… on the condition it is an anchorable corp asset with attack timers and stuff much like citadels and can be attacked and destroyed through wardec (in case of hisec) or even without it outside of hisec. :wink:

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Eh, why not? :shrugging:

EVE Online is a space combat game so what’s one more thing to shoot at? It can be rebuilt later, right?

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