Statues For James 315/Aiko/Uriel The Flame/Mike Azariah

Hey I sent an evemail I care to make actual contact with him.

I guess the answer is: Chribba brokered some big alliance deals. That doesn’t seem all that impressive to me. I like the big alliances about as much as I like political parties IRL.

I am pretty sure I read a story about somebody that appropriated some tournament ship(s?) from one of the big, dumb alliances and Chribba ended up ripping the guy off and returning the ships to the alliance, with some crap about them being “stolen.”

Being a trusted third party is just a service he offers.

Chribba did more than broker supercap transactions. The widely-used third-party tools he made such as Eve-Search, Eveboard, Eve-Offline, etc became ubiquitous parts of the game. He was one of the players who stepped up and made tools for EvE that ccp should have done.


We need a statue representing the average new player in EVE. It should be a base model, bald, male Caldari toon with an inscription that says “hOw dO i mInE tRiTaNiUm?”

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He wasn’t on the csm.


Um. I played from 06 to 13 and then took a break due to no computer :smiley:

I guess tho, telling time is hard for you :smiley:

Why, is he one Meghan’s alts?

Some people are entitled, take everything for granted.

What a leech, only did 48% of the damage.

It is such an honor to have received contact from such a accomplished well respected member of the New Eden Community.

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Notice in this entire thread I had not dished out towards Aiko for being in the runners up on receiving a Statue. It is like showing respect when it is due @Zaera_Keena no matter how one might currently feel regarding the whole Statue debates.

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If your main driving force is getting noticed or approved by others, and this negatively affects your life, you might be living with histrionic personality disorder (HPD).

The word histrionic means “theatrical” or “dramatic.” Histrionic personality disorder primarily involves a tendency to view situations emotionally and display overdramatic behaviors that aim to draw attention to you constantly.

These aren’t conscious tactics to manipulate or control others. It may feel very natural to you to act this way. You might not be aware of how these behaviors affect your relationships with other people.

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Hm. Again I’d like to ask what are you qualifications on giving this medical diagnosis sight unseen?

I mean you at least generated a prog note or answered some MDS questions right?