Stealth Bombers Needs an Extra High Slot

I believe the Bomber needs an extra high slot so you can fit 3 Torpedo launchers, 1 cloak, 1 core prob launcher for wormholes hunting and 1 Bomb Launcher so you can solo hunt or fleet fight with the ability prob yourself out and bomb a target with full dps when a stealth bomber.

Plus the bomb launcher should not have a signature radius modifier of 12m when the ship that its on has no tank.

I might sound greedy, but so be it.

So… Why should you not have to make any sacrifices and be able to do everything at once?


Remember Triglavians? High DPS, range, tackling, webbing, energy warfare, smartbombs, drones, speed, tank. If Trigs get that preferential treatment, all ships should. Or none.

High DPS once they spool up, range isn’t great, they get no tackle bonuses, or drone bonuses etc above any other armour BS.
Basically, don’t talk a load of BS about what bonuses they do get.
Though sure they get a few bonuses. They are roughly speaking pirate equiv atm, and rarer than pirate, so… not seeing huge issues myself with them.
However this thread isn’t about Trig ships, make your own balance thread if you think it’s needed.
This is about the SB proposal to be able to bomb, cloak, probe and Torp all in a single fit.

No no no, I’m just throwing out ideas to make this great game even better. But if you want to throw me under the bus instead of putting good ideas down, so be it.

Just remember the bomb launcher can only go on a stealth bomber so why have a 12m signature radius to a ship that needs small sig to live.

The ship is still a 1 hit and your dead play style, but thinking of making it more rounded in play style, of exploring and pvp with bombs and torps full dps to hopefully win some fights and lose others with the high dps it comes with the bombs.

Right now if you want to have bombs on your fit after probing a wormhole down, you need to have a mobile depot and your lucky to have 1 bomb to use since the cargo space is low. With what I’m asking you can have a full load of bombs and spares to sit in wormhole or null space without getting more after each shot.

Like I said its an idea.

Feel free to throw any idea’s to it that might improve my idea or throw me under the bus, either way so be it.

Nah. Players should have to think about fittings.

You don’t need all that equipment at once.

Solo hunters don’t need bombs.
Not everyone in the gang needs probe launcher.

The only standard equipment is 3 torps and the cloak. The fifth highslot is plenty for fitting to purpose.

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Two things:

  1. A ship that can fit a full rack of weapons, a cloak, a probe launcher, and a bomb launcher, all at once, is kinda crazy overpowered. Next players will be asking for bubble immunity and the T3 community will be very put out by the competition. (Sorry, had to get a jab at T3s in there.)

  2. Ignoring for a moment the overpowerment of point 1, in order to actually use that extra high slot with a fit that isn’t utterly laughable, you’d need to expand the PG and CPU of bombers across the board, which would lead to even crazier OP fits if a pilot opted to not go “full bomber” in the highs.


Mobile depot?

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How about you do that first? Predator is also not talking about bonuses, she’s talking about fittings. Just 2 examples for my “BS” point:

Having them all active, true. But having the right slots with modules fitted (and offline) is how to get probes on a ship that doesn’t have the necessary CPU/PG. Combat probing Stratios FTW! :wink:

Sounds like you need to figure out what mobile depots are used for.

And that sounds like you need to figure out how bombing works.

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What kind of BS are you talking about.
High DPS ? Only when they fully spool up, and this require not missing a single shot (which happen all the time against small ships), not losing lock (ECM drones), or simply staying so long on the same target when new ones are warping in isn’t they interesting.

Range ? As a reminder, energy turrets can also change their optimal range without reload times.

Tackling ? Webbing ? Triglavian ships have absolutely zero bonuses toward those two EWARs. And, you’ll excuse me, but every ship in the game that have a midslot can fit a disruptor or a web, it’s not reserved to trigs.

Speed is worthless with the ubiquitous webs fitted on every ships today. Refer to the Stabber if in need of more infos.

Tank ? Every ship can fit a tank ffs.

SB are just used to clear drones without bonuses to HP, woah.

Their only real advantage is the bonus to energy warfare cap consumption.

A Kikimora unspooled already boasts 300 DPS. An unspooled Drekavak is about the same but it’s really hard not to miss a shot with that ridiculous tracking and the mentioned tackling and ewar capabilities.

It’s not about bonuses, it’s about fitting. Trig ships can fit all of this without compromises.

Trig ships fit tank and massive DPS without compromise. Other ships cannot do that.

Other ships cannot fit a smartbomb and ewar and all the other things without compromises. Trigs can.

Your “BS” is disproven by all the kills on Zkill.

Since you guys say you just mobile depot to change from a prob launcher to a bomb launcher the only problem to that is the BOMBS themselves take up a lot of space like 75 cargo space each, that a lot from a stealth bomber.
Why not reduce the volume to a level so you can have a full load of 4 in the cargo with a mobile depot to change fits on the go.

We could, but do you need 4? Do you need to make 5 bombing runs with no stopping for resupply?

That’s the first question. We understand you want MOAR of this and MOAR of that. But why? Are bombers failing at their job? Are they underpowered because they spend too much time going back to station?

Because it looks like you just want to spend longer in worm holes terrorising the residence before having to resupply, and as much as that’s cool gameplay, i don’t understand why it needs to be made easier or why you can’t use an alt in a blockade runner for ammo supplies.

I love flying bombers and they are good how they are. High dps and paper thin. You screw up your gone. But if you do it right you can get much bigger targets at there knees.

Or how about this idea.

The Bomb Launcher why not make it like a Subsystem only for a Bomber.

So you can put it on your bomber only like a subsystem, but the the only thing it does is lets you use a bomb on it.

So you don’t need a extra high slot for it and all you need to do is reload it either the 2 or 4 bombs depending if you put T1 or T2 launcher in that subsystem slot.

You can make it more higher signature modifier on it to like 20 instead of 10 for it, so people will think do I want higher sig or not to fit the subsystem launcher on or not.

I’m not good with words but I’m hoping that I got my point across.

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