STEAM account 'disappear' from Singularity server

My STEAM account just got ‘deleted’ from Singularity server.
Today, I was able to enter, and I don’t even know the password since it was created automaticaly.
It’s important to add that in TQ, I never even used it, so it has none Characters added to it. The Characters were all created on Sisi.

So, the question is:
· Are they gone because of a ‘mirror’? (since they’re not on TQ, I understand) or whatever happened today (14-May) that made them disappear.
If they are still there:
· Anyone know how to recover an account like that? I don’t have the password. I have access to the email, just never received one from EVE.

PD: before you ask ‘Why did you created a character on Sisi?’ I did it because at the moment I didn’t have another account mirrored.
PD2: sorry if wrong category, is my first post/topic.

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind, I got in and the characters still there.

To enter by STEAM was easier than I thought. Just closed the client and openend through the STEAM icon, and the account added itself.

But I still got the question of the Mirror: Will an account created on Sisi disappear?

Yes they will be gone next mirror, Singularity is not a server meant for playing and developing your characters. SiSi is only a test server and is regularly wiped with a mirror from TQ.

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