Steam Flatpak & Eve

First of all, I did not know that, but you can install the Steam version of Eve and still play with your normal account.
The new launcher also works great out of the box.
I’m using Proton Experimental.
AMD FSR 1.0 also works (at least with a Radeon card).
I usually run Eve in potato mode, now I can run it in super potato mode.

I understand that many people here want to avoid Steam and I guess some of them due to large amount of dependencies that the client brings.
However the flatpak version works great.
If you want a simple way to install Eve, you should give it a try.

i did use it, but move away from it. currently i using lutris, but i thinking of going native lutris or other option so i can run eve-o too

If it were not for the fact that the launcher struggles with steam account logins, I would prefer Steam as it does the work of managing Wine-Proton.

I had to reinstall Pop_OS! a few times in the past week because the Lutris environment went haywire.