Steam Play Beta. All Games are available for Download to Linux Steam Client

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Ok thank you. I will read up on the material that you provided and I will make the changes as necessary. Thank you.

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Had to run the following to get it to work (no dxvk as gpu (geforce 610M) isn’t supported by vulkan):

cd '~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/8500/pfx'
WINEPREFIX="`pwd`" winetricks corefonts vcrun2005 vcrun2008 vcrun2010



Forgot that I also changed protons settings to disable dxvk (may not have been necessary).
Look under the subtitle “Enabling Proton Configuration File & Logs”
Uncomment the line: “# “PROTON_USE_WINED3D11”: “1”,”

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The banning issue is indeed linked to DXVK as there d3d11.dll act differently. I don’t think CCP will ban ppl using that (we are using it since forever without issue).

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after a bit of headache trying to work it out on my own (FAIL! too drunk!), and then going at it again inspired by some great (and some rather confusing) posts on this thread, I finally got it running on my box. (ok, 20min, not counting typos.) anyways: moar power to the penguin!
setup: mint 19 x64 (vanilla, except of some networking and encryption stuff), current proprietary nvidia drivers, and steam client via repository; steam beta/proton/“sure, all games lol” enabled

as of Oct 9th '18, this worked out for lucky me:

  • launch Steam, install EVE, 1st start fails
  • grab a terminal
  • set the path EVE got installed into (and a bit deeper) as WINEPREFIX variable. should be something like export WINEPREFIX=/home/yourname/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/8500/pfx. you can do a cd $WINEPREFIX - should move you to that directory. if it doesn’t, you probably messed up.
  • ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 3.7/dist/bin/wine winecfg (again, location may vary, proton version might change… just check it. it’s your system.)
  • select NewColossus x64vk.exe and set Windows Version to WIndows XP
  • start EVE
  • profit. (hopefully?)

apart from throwing some certificate error at me (which i’m too tired to examine tonight) and generally being sloooow, (too tired to investigate either), the launcher eventually starts. it doesn’t seem to want to remember your login credentials. thorough game testing pending; just cba to undock ©2015. once you tab out you might have to kill the process as it seems to capture primary display and won’t release/share it, and -in my case- won’t let you switch back to it.

anyways. i hope this might be helpful to someone out there. get it running, go kill stuff, fly safe :] o/

(PS @CCP: are you going to replace the swords at CCP HQ with Final Fantasy style swords in the near future? will ‘avid player of this game’ Hilmar wear fake cat ears at Fanfest '19? will PA shut down the servers as soon as they figure out EVE players are not easy to monetize? wait a second… are Koreans actually doing that cat ears stuff? sorry, looks like i screwed up my prejudices… no cat ears for Hilmar. damnit.)

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A new Proton 3.16-4 is out and it is said to include the core fonts for WINE now. As this has been an issue for some distros with EVE Online will this be good news for us:

PS: It still requires to set WINE into “Windows XP”-mode before the EVE launcher will start.

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Hi there,

so far I got the Launcher to start up but it’s grey… just a greyed out window. In the top right corner the minimize close und eve client icons are barely visible but clickable. Any Ideas?

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Did you install all the dependencies for the Steam client? This includes 32-bit drivers for your graphics card as well as Mesa and Vulkan. Possibly install your distro’s WINE, too, which can pull in further required libraries. Also test it without a window compositor and a window system such as Xfce4. Others may work, too, but I’ve only ever fully tested Xfce4, which is also the one I use daily.

I’ve once had a grayed-out box, but because it had some old WINE processes still running and hanging. Check that this isn’t the case and possibly try again after you’ve killed all hanging processes.

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