Steel Space Industries - High-sec Industry

SSI focuses on industry being housed in High-Sec. We are being operated by a small group of people and want to expand with the dream of becoming a decent-sized Indy corp.

We mostly do Mining and Industry, but sometimes mix it up with Conduits, Exploration or some Low/Null PVP. We also tend to be active in and around Amarr.

What We Offer

  • Ore buyback

  • Corporate Industry

  • Our own EC’s

  • Mining ops at day and night

  • Free BPC program

  • Low Sec PVP

  • Conduit Running (And mining)


  • Have Discord (and be in our server)

  • Wanting to invest time in mining and Industry

  • Is at the very least 15 years or older


Considering to join? Do so by following these steps below:

For any questions, feel free to join our Recruitment channel SSI.Recruitment or join us on Discord!

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