Sticky CMD key after cmd+tab into client

If I ‘cmd+tab’ into a running client … the client keep treating all the keys I press as if the cmd key was still depressed.

This means every time I cmd+tab to a new client, I MUST hit the cmd key a single time before the keys work as expected.

If you’re running two clients and need to respond quickly - forgetting to do this, means I get lots of UI windows opening up before I remember … grrr.

Note: tried multiple keyboards with the same effect.

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Having the same issue. It reproducible like 8 times out of 10 in fixed window mode. Please fix maybe? :slight_smile:

clicking between clients or other programs seems to carry random sticky modifiers that leads to totally unexpected behavour when click of type. Very hard to work with. I think pressing all the modifiers in turn after switching seems to reset it but has wrecked multiboxing on a mac for me


I haven’t been multiboxing recently, but this is what I used to do:

  1. Apple Menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control
  2. Find the keybinding for “Mission Control” among the checkboxes. For the purposes of these instructions, I’m going to assume it’s F16 (which is what I have it set to; I’ve got an Apple Extended Keyboard.)
  3. Press F16 to open up Mission Control.
  4. Across the top there should be a gray bar (or, at least, differently-colored than your background desktop image). On the right end, there should be a very faint + sign. If your eyesight is not good, it’s very easy to miss. But, click on the + to add another Desktop. I have 3 of them, and I’ll assume that for these instructions.
  5. Go back to the System Preferences. In the same Keyboard > Shortcuts > Mission Control panel, you should see a second “Mission Control” entrry with a triangle; click on the triangle to expand it.
  6. You can now set keybindings for Desktops 1, 2, and 3. I use F17, F18, and F19.
  7. In the EVE Launcher, set your launcher to delay each client startup by 20 seconds. (I found that this worked for me well in the past; you might need to experiment.)
  8. Launch your selected clients. Be in Desktop 1 when you start the process.
  9. When the EVE Online window appears, hit F18.
  10. When the second EVE Online window appears, hit F19.
  11. When the third EVE Online window appears, you can wait for the clients to finish startup and then switch between the clients with F17, F18, and F19.

I’m HOPING this still works. Personally, I’m still trying to figure out how to get my clients to recognize the Option key as Alt, as that is my big hiccup, right now.

Tar-Palantir sees similar “stickiness” when he changes to another program - be it via Command-Tab switching apps, or clicking into another window. Happens most times he changes clients. This used to happen occasionally - just had to type the “stuck” key once, and that cleared it. After several months being mostly inactive, it now seems to happen on almost ever change of the foreground app.

This thread is oldish - mostly people from the summer. However, Tar-Palantir is seeing the same behavior months later. Is this a wide spread problem? Or is it mostly Tar-palantir? Or do Mac users just need to avoid doing anything beyond their Eve client so they don’t change out of the application?

Tar-Palantir is running Mac OS X 10.13.6 High Sierra . Running on a iMac with a 2nd screen attached via Thunderbolt. He sees this behavior in Eve clients on both screens.

Entertainingly, having changed nothing - not quit a single app, not launching a single app, not changing any settings in any of his Eve clients, it stopped have a key “stick” on nearly every foreground app change. No idea what changed, or what triggered the behavior change.

The only thing he can think of, is that at one point while fighting with all this, it turned out the key stuck was the right control key - not left Control which he was pressing to unstick things. Not sure how that would play a role, but perhaps it did? :-/

Im having the same issue here, this is a big problem for me as I use combat characters on these accounts

Did anyone find a solution to this? I am having the same issue and its really annoying


I would like to add that it is not OSX related, as I have had it on my Lenovo T490 running W10
Super annoying though >_<

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