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Something I don’t know if others would find helpful but I certainly would. because of my health my short term memory is dire. I’d like a character login message space, so before I log out I can set a sticky to open on the next login. Say to remind me to change clone, or change manufacturing, Maybe just to remind me why I am in a certain system. anyone else see why this could be useful. I could do it with post-its on my screen, but I am one of those people that doesn’t like clutter in my workspace

There is a notepad already

But then you’ll need RL sticky notes to help you remember to set in-game sticky notes…

That would be there already if CCP had programmed a good calender that actually notifies you of things you put in there when they happen. But alas, we are stuck with CCP …

I do not know what sort of OS (Operating System) you’re using but on the note of Sticky Notes Windows 10 has that build in, you can simply use that?

Another option is to create your own channel and update the MOTD (message of the day) to include the reminders you need. Channels generally stay open, so if you park it on your screen where you’ll see it, then probably you’ll get your reminder on next login. It works across computers, too, if you have several that you like to play on.

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