Still unable to login to the Test Server & SUPPORT REQUEST #533732


(QuarantineEng) #1

Okay, for over a month and half now I have not been able to login to the Test Server. No wait over two months. This has been going on since November. I went back and read my original ticket from the beginning of December. When I try to logon to the Test Server it tells me “Username and / or password are invalid”. I have tried changing my passwords, using different characters, uninstalling and re installing (3x’s), using this webpage which is inaccessible here in the US; . Not to mention bugging @GM_Hotep, @GM_Eidolon and @GM_Moon_Watcher about this as well. Also I have waited for the Test server to be mirrored and still “NOTHING”.


(Molly Duma) #2

Right now it seems that most people are having Authorization issues with the launcher.

(Molly Duma) #3

It’s working for me now.

(QuarantineEng) #4

Nope still getting: Invalid username / password…

(QuarantineEng) #5

I can login to Production but still receiving errors on the test server…

(mentalmackem) #6

im having this issue to on all 3 accounts all my accounts are 10+ years old

(Kapronov) #7

I have exactly the same problem, none of my 3 Accounts are letting me log in on the test server…
I kinda surprised that even CCP can´t give an answer to this problem…nice way to handle your customers…
I mean seriously it can´t be that hard to give a simple answer why some of us are not able to log in on the test server.

PS: And the icing on the cake is that the link doesn´t work at all…

(Corsys) #8

OK… This is dumb… You guys going to fix it already? Still having the same problem…

(system) #9

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