Stitch Kaneland for CSM 16

You got a place on my voting list.

What are your main concerns for jspace as a whole?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

Very happy to see you run again, and very happy to vote for you again. Good luck!

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I’m going to start this out by setting expectations.

I included WH on my CSM platform because the WH community consistently fractures their votes because their candidates can be a bit polarizing to the community (you have highclass groups that buttheads and end up voting for their guys instead of the WH community as a whole).

I added WH to my CSM platform this year to try to provide a neutral/un-biased entity to the WH community to choose. Do i claim to know everything about wormholes and their problems (especially highclass)? No.

However, i have no agenda, i actually live in a wormhole and do WH things daily and do take any WH problem taken me more seriously than say a random nullsec rep who gets dragged in out of desperation.

Now that i’ve made that statement so we’re on the same page before i continue, i’ll address your questions:

Surgical strike did do some harm to things like HA (heavy armor) brawls and it does seem to have caused a drain on the amount of big WH fights that happen. Because critical mass occurs faster. Big WH brawls are things that some groups enjoy a lot in WH space and when CCP talks about isk sinks and more ships blowing up, surgical strike essentially did the opposite. As it made it futile to engage in HA brawls because once critical mass was reached (even easier with trig stuff now) stuff just died no matter what.

I’d like to see more fights happening WH space and more ability for groups to field their blingy comps to duke it out. A rollback of surgical strike is unlikely, but perhaps some tweaking could be done to WH bonuses to try to provide some of those resistances back. Alternatively, a micro heavy ship that provides damage mitigation (logi battleship) instead of raw repping power. To still allow brawls to happen, but be more skill intensive. If you wanted to read more on the Logi battleship idea, you can refer to this post.

Another concern or “pain point” i have is in regard to Wolf Rayet (WR) holes. Particularly the small gun bonus. WR are supposed to be the armor holes, which they kind of are, but they have this random small gun bonus thrown in which skews the WR meta.

You have pulsars which are all heavily focused to shield/cap bonuses. And WR which focus on armor/signature which makes for a potentially fun dynamic/counter environment, but then WR randomly has this small weapon bonus which completely puts the potential armor meta on its head. Since then RLML ships become this monstrosity of a doctrine that ends up pushing out all but the heaviest of heavy armor doctrines.

I’d like to see WR small gun bonus removed and maybe introduce some new WH affects that provide bonuses to various weapon sizes. For example, shattered WH’s could get the small gun bonus instead of WR, which could provide a buff to things like t3d’s running the shattered WH sites. Is that a necessity? Not particularly, but it would balance out the ecosystem a bit imo. Alternatively, just reclassify RLML as not a “small” weapon.

What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

For high class and low class, i’d like to see WH salvage actually worth a damn again. Not through straight buffs, but more something tailored to a T3C adjustment or revamp. T3C losing their SP loss on death and Proteus/Tengu getting some tweaks to be better platforms would help jump start more consumption of T3C and help plump up salvage values if demand goes up.

Low class holes could see some blue loot changes as C1/C2 are very low value. And its not like i want lowclass to be pumping out 500m in blue loot per site, but the value of the sites is very low and arguably its better to just jump out a nullsec hole from your WH and go farm nullsec sites instead. Maybe a 15-20% buff to lowclass sites (or certain sites).

The last thing i’d like to see for highclass (and potentially lowclass) is the NPC’s scramming more targets. Currently the highclass sites, the NPC’s will generally only scram 1 ship. So if you have 5-8 battleships farming a site, the rats will all scram the same target and if you attempt to get jumped by a roaming group, all those battleships will starburst/MJD and then you only catch 1 ship. This is especially a problem now with things like roach fleets (alt fleets that hoover up WH sites with the express purpose of farming with relatively low cost and risk).


you have all my votes!

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Bumping your thread because you are a top 5 candidate in my book.

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Knows his ■■■■, very knowledgeable about various areas of the game, competent and capable. Easy choice for me.

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He’s got my vote. Really looking forward to the future of Lowsec if he makes it on CSM 16.

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I’m happy to include Stitch within my top 3

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Bruh he is gonna increase the range of torps by 200% for battleships, we are about to be kangz of brawl if the K man gets on the CSM.

I recent interview with <10 on my balance theory and insight on how i play EVE completely solo.


O/ stitch very nice to see you appling,
I wish you best luck keep up the good work and if you get into it try to give your ideas about the Armageddon navy to csm members. (maybee even more e-war ships since ewar is kinda leaking in the game!). Greetings raify

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