Stitch Kaneland for CSM 16

As someone else who only has one account with two characters that live totally unrelated lives this is something I also admire. (I do technically have another account, but it’s an unused alpha account.)

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Interview with Ashterothi talking about lowsec FW and balance decisions.

Every year I make endorsements for CSM on my blog Eveoganda and I do so based solely on the quality of the candidates I endorse. This year it is even more critical to do so because I am also running for CSM as an independent candidate. My primary concern is the health and continued growth of Low Security and Faction Warfare. Even though I don’t know Stitch outside of Eve, being a former Tusker myself, I can appreciate his experience and knowledge enough to know we could work well together on the CSM and help ensure that LS/FW/WH space gets the attention they deserve. As such, Stitch will have a spot on my ballot this year.

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Skilled, scary, and someone we want on our side.


@Stitch_Kaneland PvP players who know their stuff got your back my dude. You did so much work on balancing this game, we cant thank you enough. Looking forward to see a better game with you on CSM :slight_smile:

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As promised you have my vote! :slight_smile:


Bumping for Support!

Looks I can officially add my BLOPs proposal to the list of things i’ve suggested that got implemented into the game.

My thread w/ suggestions

CCP’s official release

Feel free to compare to see how closely they line-up.