Stop Beating the Hell Out of Null - Restore it!


Apr 5, 20:06 UTC

I am telling you my older players are ready to quit - I am working hard to keep them interested in the game - they see the asteroid belts in the drone land apparently shrinking and stretching out - it is making my job as the alliance leader of Optimistic Wasteland really hard and I am starting to wonder why EVE is at war with Null Sec - on this one issue - it is getting harder to make isk in EVE. Guys join eve to get wealthy not just to earn enough to replace a ship - they want an opportunity to really make billions and do stuff - please stop tightening the belt - it will turn around and bite you - lots of new players coming in due to corona19 but once it is back to normal you may not just lose them, but a large group of older players who are tired of losing the isk being stripped from the belts - Our belts where we live are so sparse that it is pissing members off - they know you guys are doing it - Please be fare - Null is supposed to be filled with mystery and great wealth and when we were in High sec we made more isk ---- Null is losing its mystique — To EVE management and game designers - stop this attack on Null - Stop manipulated natural resources - Stop hurting new corporations who are just trying to get a start in Null while giving an advantage to the older alliances who already have wealth - We love this game just not this crazy medaling. In this time of world despair we need you to be more than just game designers we need you to understand that people are now coming on-line to escape the sickness and death of their families and neighbors, so please give us a reason for coming online tomorrow - Restore EVE to its glory, return Null, make it worth living in; make it worth traveling to for a new Corporation dreaming of better things - stop medaling with NULL Resources…

Thank you


Adapt or die, kiddo.


Dog, you know that they aren’t “attacking” anyone, right? All of this has been for a reason:

Now, they have been rather short on details for their master plan, but I think that’s because they’re trying to prevent the rich and powerful from using these changes to accrue even more wealth and power. After all, player surveys revealed that “wealth/power distribution and inequality between individuals and groups (the rich get richer)” was one of the top player concerns.

And, of course, the timing hasn’t meshed very well with RL events (not to mention the fact that CCP is basically fixing the problems that they created). However, the status quo wasn’t exactly working out all that great either. The risk to reward ratio of many activities was off, capital proliferation was out of hand, and we weren’t being given much in the way of economic incentives to fight.

So, hopefully, we will get a better Eve out of all this -I guess we’ll see. Regardless, they mentioned on the talk shows that they know mining sucks right now, but ask that we be patient. They will make mining worthwhile again.


No. Go away.

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What I said stands – this is destroying opportunities for new corporations and alliances - they are being forced to reconsider a move to null; forced to leave null or to just delay plans in null - you can’t escape this - All to punish those who have become wealthy. Sounds like Forced Communism or radical Socialism to me.

The simple truth is that the weak in EVE are being hurt more than those who are already strong: comments stand!

Poor comment in a time where EVE members are coming in to escape real death - Kiddo…

EVE has always been “adapt or die”.

It would be incredibly dumb for CCP to change the way the game works because of some global pandemic. It would be a knee jerk reactionary patch that would cause even greater problems than their usual patches.

Also, it’s cute how you signed your own post as kiddo at the end there.

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Dumb to recognize the contribution that EVE can make to a hurting world: I happen to think it is smart…

CCP is already contributing to the real world.

There is no need for CCP to make it easier for you to be selfish and krab in Nullsec. That doesn’t actually help the world. It would only really help you.

Imagine being as selfish as you are being right now. The world is in a global pandemic and you want CCP to buff nullsec so that you can have an easier time getting rich in a video game.

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But in your case the weak ones are the ones that feel it necessary to join a bloc to make isk in safety… and not a fair amount of isk either…

It is, maybe your guys should look further than their own nose?

What mystique? all it currently is, is ratting anoms and mining in the same system whilst getting ready to dock at the first hint of a neutral.

This i agree with, return null to its previous glory… ala 2015/2016… maybe even earlier…


Looks like CCP go more in the direction of a healthy economy rather than the farming simulator you are looking for. And I’m glad. People just farming billions without much effort was never healthy for the game.

If you like EVE PvE, chances are good that you are not the brightest star on the firmament, so no one is expecting you to understand. Just accept it.


Make it easier? Really? Nobody here is asking for EVE’s development team to make anything easier: Just restore the Bloody Ore Belts - stop robbing us please to make a point. EVE has mystified and made NULL through the years; “the place to be and to build wealth” now they have stripped it - why because inside their ranks are those who want to meddle: yes meddle in the strength of a few groups over other’s - it is not for EVE’s game makers to say who can have wealth; hord it or not - this is the “EVE Economy” EVE was built on a free economy, one where a capsuleer can come and build his or here fortune - today because of a few or many in EVE’s development group, who are likely socialists or communists in real life, EVE is pushing to correct the world of EVE, so those who are good at EVE such as Goon Swarm (who I do not like) can’t keep hold of their power, and wealth: this is pitiful. If you are smart enough to build and grow well in EVE, as many have in EVE you should not be penalized for your growth. IF EVE wants to adjust moon ore to create a new set of minerals this is fine, but the isk generation should never be changed. I was out in High Sec yesterday went to to a belt; how wonderfully robust they are, then I recalled our Null Sec belts looking so sparse like a stray and starving dog’s crap: I just laughed: TO Eve’s Development team, once a bloody again, stop the Madness - stop robbing the belts in Null to make a point - Think of the little space children!

I get the feeling you havent been playing long tbvh.


Yes a decade is not as long as some others —

So even after 10 years, you still haven’t figured out the adage “Adapt or die”?

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Your quick to forget then that anom ratting was not a thing in null before and neither was moon mining for grunts and iirc veld could not be mined in most of null if not all or that you couldnt dock super and titans or simply spam the gates with cheap raitaru’s for safe gate pings with free reps… i mean theres probably a long list… but ye, its way less profitable now im sure…

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AFAIK asteroid belts are fine… it is the anoms that got nerfed.

not sure those “veterans” even recognize the fact that belts are a thing.


I actually did check how much ore is in belts one day recently… in 0.5 system there is 1M m3 of ore, about enough to make a battleship. And with number of belts and the fact they respawn at dt there is plenty of ore in general… is just not as nice as big 180K m3 rocks ‘at demand’ from moons we were getting till recently.