Content prevention Era

I understand there are people that like the changes. But as time goes by, and less and less people log in or undock in null, the less hunters can hunt.

I don’t know what rock some folks live under, but for crying out loud read… Read the articles… watch the Youtubers… Look at the numbers… It’s dead. It’s lonely in most of null.
I don’t log in much to play because there is no one else there doing anything of interest. I just do PI and a little market manipulation while i try to stay motivated to wait this out. This is not the game I used to be addicted to and loved to play for hours on end.

People accepting this “Chaos Era” as something new and interesting are simply not understanding the potential long-term impact this will have on their own play styles… Not only this, but their support is adding to the mediocrity. They’re essentially telling this developer that simply hitting the delete key and removing some code is a good thing. But what’s going to happen next? When will the cat poop on your side of the sand box ??

With all the support they’re getting, why would they bother creating new content? They’ll simply keep removing functions from the game to “mix things up” because the simpletons seem to like it. They may even start reinstating old functions to thunderous applause and pitch it as “new content”.
“Oh look… NPC Faction A fought NPC Faction B and wrestled control of the Widgets and now local is back!!” So exciting…

This reminds me of how a 2 yr old never gets tired of me covering my face with my hands, then uncovering it and saying, “Peek a boo”. Each time he thinks it’s new and exciting. Even though I just keep using the same old face over and over again. Take it away and give it back. It fools him each time and makes it seem like Daddy sure is fun and inventive !!

I see some people commenting on this topic that live in High sec and probably won’t ever set foot in Null. Why are you commenting on something that has no bearing on your play style? Does it give you satisfaction to kick people when they are down?
I also see people that enjoy hitting the reply button 437 times on the BO thread that “came back because of the blackout”… If these people left the game in the first place, how long before they leave again? Are these really the people CCP wants to change the game for? All while upsetting the people that have been loyal players and spend their hard earned cash to pay for their account every month since the game’s inception? I also wonder why these people that “came back because of the blackout” are fighting with such gusto for a game that a month a half ago they didn’t even care to play …

For the people they say they don’t like the fact these large alliances are controlling so much space and they can’t hunt…… You can always hunt…. There was TONs of content out there before the Blackout. Come ‘on….
If I can spend hours mining a Spod rock, you can spend 30 minutes hunting down a target to kill… Some people seem to want a target to be in the first null sec system they visit and be delivered on a silver platter. This way they can spend 20 minutes playing Eve that night and then go back to Space Engineers or Elite Dangerous.

In all industries nothing is more important than the next quarter. But your never risk the long term just for short term gains. You also never take anything away from any of your customers. Even if you think it will negatively affect just 1 customer you don’t take the risk. Negativity spreads. If you MUST take something away because it’s affecting your profitability, your give something in return to reduce or remove the potential impact. This way your other customers don’t worry about it happening to them at a later date.
CCP may have some sort of MBO or other metric to hit for Q3/Q4 2019 that we don’t know about…

(Edit: I removed a lowbrow comment. Sounded worse than intended after review)

Luckily, they have the monopoly right now and can afford not caring about customer relations. It’s just a shame they’re actually doing it…

There are some great solutions players brought to the table. Many that the people who play the game have come up with that would have been much more effective. Ideas that would have the same end result but would require the players to make an effort to implement and in-turn an effort to counter. This would have added a very interesting and fun new form of PVP warfare. This would be considered “new content” and a lot more interesting that just turning all the lights out to laugh while you try to find the fridge in the middle of the night. It would have sold as a positive addition that most if not all of us would accept.

I agree that hitting the delete key is cheaper and easier as a company and it’s their right. However, if your going to do that, please stop patronizing us by putting out videos where some SUPER EXCITED employee tries to convince us it’s the next best thing to sliced bread…. Call a spade a spade. This is the “Content prevention era”


Then let the hunters go…no pvp needed in this game…

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your level of ignorance is shocking.


me beeing true may shock you but this is just because the butt of pvp was powedered for 15 years in this game…

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I see afkers dying left and right. I see entire bottling fleets disappeared. I see ratters no longer raking in pure null ISK and switching to abyss which is helping bring down trig ship costs.

Honestly, haven’t seen anything but good yet. Any loss of bodies in Null is due to them forgetting that null is meant to be extremely dangerous as it’s where the best materials and isk are to be had. CCP simply made it dangerous again.


And they will fail with it and have to row back soon as danger is not wanted anymore in 2019…

The numbers will continue to go down because not the PVP’er that want MORE danger are leaving but the casuals that want LESS are…they will learn this soon enough…

This is just a try to revive the dead pvp horse here…will fail…

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There is this whole area of space called High Sec that isn’t dangerous. That’s where casuals are meant to play.


The only content prevention are people stuck in the past not willing to let go of their old habbits.

hahahahahaha what the hell are you smoking and where can i get some :eyes:


If high would be completly pvp free i would agree…it isn’t so you are wrong…

Soon I hope.

I mean, NullSec did the same thing to HiSec for over a decade. Shoe’s on the other foot now.

I mean, fast/accessible gameplay to appeal to the older crowd who have limited time, and the younger crowd who want faster gameplay… is probably a good thing for EVE. There are niches for faster, less commitment-intensive gameplay to be filled.

Uhhhhh you just argued that the game is dead/dying and everyone is unsubbing. So how exactly are pockets being padded…???


must be less strong than what you smoke…

I think everyone needs to be a little less emotive and a little more cynical. Look for business reasons, and possibilities appear.

Business doesnt care about your game.

Crap, Im starting to sound like whats his name now

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That’s because Eve is a PvP game, there is NO area that is free of PvP except abyss pockets and players are the least of your worries there.

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And this is where this “pvp game” has to change…change to a safe haven for PVE called high sec…

Um no? Eve without the fear of PvP is pointless. The living market only works because of destruction.


And breaks because of over-production.


wow you are so wrong…

Certainly, by all means make it dangerous. But do it in a way that get players from all walks of life engaged. Give us a way to turn it into gameplay. Something that can be countered. Make a way for players to kill local in an entire constellation but also inhibits Cynos in the whole area. It gives people darkness to hunt in and hard to find which in-turn helps counter the bullet proof intel. It keeps everyone in sub caps so no need to worry about umbrellas.

Please provide a counter analysis. i’d love to hear your viewpoint