Lights Out

Go check any of the FW areas, it was content-rich for a while and then just died, as the novelty of the new mechanics wore off and all we were left with for content is some weak nerd with a fleet of multi-boxed destroyers, farming isk for a content he is himself driving away from his stupidity.

This is so representative of Eve as video game now, and as a whole.

And for that reason, it’s lights out for me.

Enjoy the empty shell you helped yourselves create.

PS: My stuff is going to the trash, no need to ask.


can i have your stuff?


learn to read :smiley:

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I know how to read, I was just trying to recover something of value that you have left in the time that you have been present in the game, apart from this small and weak rant…


You know it’s a real shame for someone going by the name of such a talented and content-rich musician, that you’d deliberately go out of your way to waste your time in something as empty and meaningless as Eve.

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Sooo…about your stuff?

Can I have?



I think you could roleplay your pilot in New Eden that would change your decision and open so many possibilities. :person_raising_hand:

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MMO devs make content, players clear content (mostly by optimising past the fun) to then cry about there being no content. Rinse repeat.

The second people stop doing, or demanding, ready made content and instead accept that THEY are the content (actively participating in creating said content, not just consuming) they will have more fun. There’s tons of PVP out there, you don’t need instant “press x for peeveepees” silly stuff.


been fun 07


I like the FW changes. It depopulated most of low sec; you don’t need to worry about traveling through large swaths of low sec and FW low sec anymore.

I’ve got some hard truths for you, pal: the OP isn’t talking about PvP content.

In fact, PvP is a very, very minor part of faction “warfare” these days.

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@Erik_Doshu I remember when I left a game, because they kept downgrading with every upgrade. Enjoy your peace of mind, your sanity and happiness is much more important than any online game. When I left the MMO game I played from 2013 to 2020, I held a Halloween Party and told everyone attending there would be prizes for best costume. Everyone at the party “won” my stuff just for showing up. Whatever I couldn’t give away is rotting on the account. I completely understand where you are coming from.

Nos vemos en la próxima vida! o/

You mean people who have been in a PvP game yet have zero killboard record in 9 years ? Yes…that’s what is killing Eve…people expecting CCP to provide the content they could and should be creating themselves.


Thread title made me think of this song…

@Erik_Doshu I sympathize with your issue about FW… and the game itself…

I suggest that you keep all your assets in NPC station and just take a break for a while, then come back when rested and ready to test it out again.

Even though I’m a bitter Vet, I still hold on to the faintest of hope that one day CCP will pull their heads out of their arses and actually do a proper fix to the game. Until then only 1 of my 5 accounts is Omega subbed, all the rest are Alpha.


Except, multiboxing six to ten accounts simply “buhcuz muh iskiez”, isn’t really creating content, for anyone else in the game, save maybe the other multiboxing dumbass a few systems down, but he would need to get off his fat butt and actually pvp for that … something which he farms the isk for, but never actually does in the end anyway … or ends up quitting the game when he realizes all the solo to small gang content’s gone … lmao… and scratching his head wondering why …

Eve and its playerbase has become one giant parody of itself.

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It was good at the beginning, but people grew tired of burning their isk either from only finding content clogged up in bulk in a couple of systems, or finding weak nerds camping plexes 24/7 in 6-10 multiboxed fleets of navy destroyers …

In the end, people only hurt themselves by being utter idiots with their own game,
and broke it.

It’s not entirely CCP’s responsibility for their player’s ingenuine stupidity ?
I mean, they’ve sure gone to great lengths to give the tools to enable the stupid to take over this game entirely …

stares at injectors and CCP Seagull specifically

I mean, if you decide to spend your personal RL time and log in to an MassiveMULTIPLAYEROnlineGame, and is happy to find a game without any player in it, why even log in to play it ?

It could just as well be Elite Dangerous in solo play, or any other singleplayer game … if that’s what you want …

Why even consider defending a change that ultimately works against itself … ?

FW is CCP’s attempt to create a consensual dueling arena environment in EVE Online, kind of like the battlegrounds system in World of Warcraft.

The problem is that EVE is fundamentally incompatible with a concept like this. Player goals in EVE revolve around the accumulation of wealth and power; very few players are willing to have team deathmatch-style “duels” when there are more important tasks at hand, like making more ISK to buy bigger ships and better gear to ensure you can defeat enemies who don’t manage to make as much progress as you.

So when CCP added an extensive PvE component to FW (which was essentially in the beginning), players distilled the activity into a simple ISK/hour calculation to try to optimize their gains. Even in the beginning, before there were FW missions, players would set up grind farms and kill each other over and over again to farm LP in a profitable manner. It reminded me of when I played Battlefield 2 as a kid, and ran into groups of players in some corner of the map repeatedly killing and reviving each other to farm rank experience.

CCP seems to no longer possess an understanding of how to create conflict drivers in the game. The trick isn’t to compartmentalize activities and reward them at the most baseline action level (e.g. farm complexes in low-sec for default payouts per complex), but to create environments where wealth can be generated, and make sure they’re limited enough in number to ensure that players fight over them.

A good example of proper design methodology would be to make PvP victories in FW contribute to pseudo-ownership of space, which would result in lower taxes and higher PvE payouts for that faction’s actively-contributing members.


I don’t depend on it, far from it. I merely use it to my advantage. You can make a difference and have characters in these now useless systems if you think the above is an issue.

You’ll be back.

Enjoy the break.

–Gadget waves