I want my old Eve back

I took a break and have returned to a game I don’t know. I was always a solo miner with one or two affiliates to work with and now every time I go out to mine everything is gone. This new game has been designed to support hording. I loved the Casino it was a way to generate ISK when I was broke and needed to get some items I needed to further my gameplay . I make a trip to low sec and there’s no ore I fly around high sec there’s no ore, come on guys. Mining is how I started in Eve. I didn’t want to me a Eve stockbroker and crunch number. I wanted to fight fair battles , gamble and mine. Eve was a free society and you could be a part of these great battles. I was never a gate Ganker I used the game for what it was for and there were so many things to do that I could get lost in the world of Eve now it’s like all the other games boring. Please change the game back release more ore so we all have a chance to get some and BRING BACK THE CASINO OF SOMETHING LIKE IT. In these days people treat you like they don’t need you business and if that’s the case I will look for a game that is like Eve used to be. Of course concerns like mine are never taken seriously and ignored, after all what do I know I just want the Eve back that I loved. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

I don’t know a casino, but did you have a look at the Hypernet? It sounds like what you are looking for!

Mining is a bit hard now that a lot of belts and other sites are emptied, but that may change in the future. CCP is doing a big resource rebalance and we’re in the shortage phase right now. It probably won’t become as easy as before, but I expect some improvements.

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Playing this game mostly active since 2008 I can relate to the nostalgia. However not all things changed for the worse of it imho.

While I agree that empty, bugged and npc stripped belts are an issue there is much more to the game than mining.

Once your frustration has settled a bit (not judging as mentioned above I can relate) you can consider how you can adapt. Perhaps find a group to mine with. Go try out new things or farm and gamble all your ISK on the new Casino that is the hypernet.


You went to the casino to make money?

Hmm, smooth brain. You go to a casino for fun and the hopes of chance at making money & to meet similar fun people. You’ll lose at best 52% of the time.

The exception being sports betting & poker whose skill element can over ride the basis of chance.

Tbh, with pro hold 'em poker players many need to subsidy their skill with promotion work to obtain buy ins & beat chance aka the bad beat.

Online slots & instant lottery are played only by complete degenerates. I do like a ticket on the national lottery or the odd ticket on Titans in eve. It is a tax on hope :slight_smile:

If you’re playing any kind of slot or regularly playing hyper net (which is a slot) with deep cash/ISK, seek help you are sick.

Yeah? Well good luck with that.

Then again…if you’re mostly looking for a solo mining paradise of excitement and rocks as far as the sensors can see, you might actually find something.

I think CCP’s idea is for EvE to go to a more middle path of resource availability at some point™

The casino(s) aren’t coming back. CCP nuked them then quite some time later introduced their own form of gambling in the Hypernet Relay system. It’s - imo of course - not nearly as fun a way to waste one’s isk. It is quite possible (ridiculously easy, in fact - but maybe people have wised up a bit and aren’t as many suckers now, dunno) to make a lot of isk with the Hypernet by just selling things in a certain way.

Welcome back?

Real-life lotto pays for schools and parks in many areas in the world. Is it dumb to play? Yes, but the cause can be very noble. That’s why I always make sure to pick up a few scratch-offs when I go down to the corner bodega for milk, condoms (I always run out because keep making balloon animals), and a couple of forty-ouncers of Colt 45 malt liquor.

I’ve been on Eve a couple of years, and I don’t see why I should lose the game I love just so you can revert it to what it was the last time you played.

You never loved EVE, don’t lie to yourself.


Okay so I’ve been trying to get this up and running for a few weeks now but it sounds like you might like it @Hazon_Cunningham

Ethical ISK Doubling Scheme
In Eve there’s an abundance of pilots running schemes who’ll promise to double your ISK and most of these are utter scams designed to trick people with subtle catches and so on.

In contrast, the Ethical ISK Doubling Scheme (EIDS™) is is a genuinely ethical scheme that actually does pay out, at least for some of the people who’ll pay in. Each time we run a draw we’ll also announce who got the money (subject to them allowing us to do this) so that, should you want to, you can actually check that we’ve actually paid them.

Lastly, we’ll also be giving a proportion of any profits raised to in game support outfits like B4R, Sixth Empire and Operation Magic School Bus¹ to help them continue their positive help and support work in the Eve community.

You pay in an amount according to the tier that you wish to enter - and there’s a guaranteed 1 in 6 chance of a payout with double the amount of isk coming back to you, (much better odds than most of the current offers available via HyperNet Relay)

Entry Level: 10,000 ISK = 20,000 ISK Payout
Low Level: 50,000 ISK = 100,000 ISK Payout
Medium Level: 100,000 ISK = 200,000 ISK Payout
High Level: 500,000 ISK = 1,000,000 ISK Payout
Advanced Level: 1,000,000 ISK = 2,000,000 ISK Payout

Send me the cash in-game. Once six people have paid into that tier we’ll pick a random person and they’ll get double their ISK back.

¹Please note that EIDS™ is not endorsed by anyone associated by the afford mentioned in-game groups, we’re just trying to the right thing by funnelling some funds their way on a completely ad hoc basis.

Seriously? I wouldn’t even bother to click “send money” for a measily 2 mil. Up the stakes a bit bro.

Dray Cil

i feel you bro
i also like fights and gambling…


Eve is going to constantly change and evolve with the devs and the players needing change within the game if there was never any changes to the game then it wouldn’t be a sandbox anymore. Change is good for the game even the recent addition of Pochven has made the game a bit more interesting as you have to try and track where the Pochven wormholes will be spawning in systems, although there is a tracker for that now that is pretty up to date with info.

I want my life back. Eve is dead.


I wanted to make it accessible, even to newbies. Plus by setting it low, people are free to enter multiple times rather than once and then never again.

Having said this, if the amount of money is so low that it’s hardly worth you bothering to click send money, then feel free to deposit some cash into the named organisations, I’m sure that they’d find some use for it.


Your old Eve went off with a younger Adam. :stuck_out_tongue:


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100% I haven’t logged this bull in over 4 months now… I really see no point in playing a game where the developers just constantly kick the players in the balls and they like it.

Eve online if it was a tv show…

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My advice: Stop dangling your nuts out where people can kick them.


EVE isn’t remotely the game it was. Now, it’s a crypto-theme park. You get a few business admin grads in a room and ask, “How can we punch up the bottom line?” You get this; everything a 14-year old needs to ask mommy for her Visa card.

i want to go back to high school… oh wait…

I reactiated my accounts just because of this.
CCP, please “hurt” me more.

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