Store items removed

sansha Clothing was removed
But other pirate costumes still exist

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Because the Amarr incursions apparently worked.


Will them recover later?

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It was a joke bro ._.

I sincerely don’t know…

Let’s raid ALL your dressing rooms !!

  • Hey dude we need to do what in incursion ?
  • Sansha wants us to wait untill capsuleers defeat us.
  • can we go shopping instead ?
  • sounds like a neat idea.
  • two hours later, all the dress shops have been emptied of their sansha clothing*


I hope they can come back
Is this idea realistic?

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Sansha Apparel will most likely be included with loot drops when CCP implements an Event featuring Sansha NPC’s.

Until then it seems the only place to acquire them is the Market and or Public Contracts.

“An event including Sansha NPC’s”

Incursions are technically events : you can’t really predict them, it’s limited in time and a lot of players are brought to a same constellation to accomplish a common goal ^^

Actually no, Sansha Incursions are constant in-game content that spawns in random locations, just like exploration sites, FoB’s, RW’s, FW sites, etc. None of those drop Boosters, Cerebral Accelerators, Ship Skins or Apparel.

Events however are featured in Dev Blogs, only happen for a short duration and drop all the items mentioned earlier.

n other words
They are out of print

Actually aforementioned is by the very nature of the word, an event. Events are not defined by what they drop, they are defined by randomly occurring sites/objectives spawning during a set time limit. All the other sites you mentioned are governed by either a singular objective that is timed over a larger object that is not given a time limit OR a singular objective handed out by a NPC which is also timed.

Incursions happen all the time true, but your definition of ‘featured dev blob’ events happen all the time too, everytime one is over, another soon follows. We literally transitioned from a Federation day event into a Minmatar Liberation Day event, and after that one is over it will be going into others like Welcome to the Agency, Lucky Clash Alpha Strike and War Zone Extraction and before you know it we will be doing Crimson Harvest again followed by Arms Race and Yoiul Festival. My point is that you are defining what events are based on the loot given…thats not true, thats The Agency. Incursions work the same way, you get an incursion event start up and last about a week or two during which time you complete objectives from several sites at once all geared toward a common goal.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry bro but CCP doesn’t use the term ‘Event’ when the talk about Incursions. Why, because it’s regular content that happens constantly, the site composition and the rewards are the same every time. Just because the site duration is for a limited time doesn’t automatically make that an event.

Also I’m not just defining an Event by the loot drops. There’s also the tasks which have all been different in each ‘Event’ presented in the Agency.

If you can’t tell the difference between regular in-game content from the special ‘Events’ that CCP gives us every month or two, then you might as well say logging into the game is an event as well.

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