Storm of the People declared 12.02.120

(Vaari) #1

Day is 20.01.120 Reign of Catiz I

At of this moment I, Lord Vaari, ecumenical Patriarch of holder alliance Silent Infinity declare Storm of the People. Storm will rise on 12th day on next month.

Let it be widely known that beginning on that day, all members of our alliance are obliged to defend the Providence region against any and all foes our High Lady dictates to be the enemies of us and Proviblock as whole.

I will personally send orders to all of our member corporation leaders to prepare their members to defend what is good an holy. Even if we face unimaginable enemy, we cannot falter. Providence is in our responsability. Our active military fleets are no way near ready to face the opposition they predict. That is why I, Lord Vaari now oblige all Providence residents to take up arms and join them.

Each and every system of Providence holds a keepstar in future. A single keepstar is fleet on its own. If we are resolute enough, we can stop the enemy advance and prevent the destruction of Providence.

Im KOS to the Providence coalition, but my home is still in Providence. I will defend it.

To the people of Providence: Never before have so many come together from all corners of the Providence, but never before we have faced threat such as this.

_ The heretics will show us no mercy, we must give them no quarter. They will terrorize our members. We must stand fast in face of that terror._

_ They will advance until our last citadel falls, but we will not fall. We will prevail._

_ Each of us will be defined by our actions in coming war. Stand fast, stand strong and stand together. _

_ Lord Vaari out._

(Mizhara Del'thul) #2

The automated rat hunters will blot out the sun!

(Arrendis) #3

Do I even wanna ask who his ‘high lady’ is? I mean, is he calling Jin’taan a woman? Is he expecting Kittens to declare PL an enemy?

(Diana Kim) #4

Good luck!
I hope to see a lot of wrecks of enemies of Empire, they all deserve to die.

(Mizhir) #5

If Vaari getting on the Provi KOS list was a romantic breakup, this would be the ‘please take me back. I will do anything’-phase.

(Vaari) #6

I will not crawl in front of no one except Her Imperial Majesty. I have lived in Providence long before Concord allowed CVA to be official alliance. Do you really think I, Lord Vaari abandon my home just because some newcomers dont like me?

(Arrendis) #7

Considering you ran off to Great Wildlands, by your own statements?


(Valerie Valate) #8

Given that by severall accounts, Providence is well, you know, on fire right now, then I’m not sure if announcing that this peoplestorm will occur 21 days from now is particularly helpful.

(Vaari) #9

Im in Providence right now. Valiantly leading the defenses.

(Tannia Ambrye) #10

How is this “Storm of the People?” It sounds more like “Storm for the Elite People!” put on by the elite for the elite on the backs of the people.

(Arrendis) #11

Hey, @Jin_taan you hear that? Vaari is leading the defenses in Provi.

(Jin'taan) #12

He’s certainly number 1 in terms of self-given, pretentious titles.

(Vaari) #13

No shame of granting yourselves a few titles. They are not pretentious however. Each and every one are earned by heroic deeds.

(Ibrahim Tash-Murkon) #14

Ibrahim, the Dessicated.

(Jin'taan) #15

Such as sitting docked, quite the heroic action, worthy of a song perhaps;

Brave Lord Vaari ran away.
Bravely ran away away.
When danger reared it’s ugly head,
He bravely turned his tail and fled.

Yes, brave Lord Vaari turned about
And gallantly he chickened out.
Swiftly taking to his feet,
He beat a very brave retreat.
Bravest of the brave, Lord Vaari!

(Mizhara Del'thul) #16

Now now, perhaps he just took the Providence school of thought to heart, taking an hour and a half or so to sit in station and work up a counter.

(Vaari) #17

When entire cva fleet and some arse lickers of theirs are outside the station it would be foolish to cone out.

Yesterday however was outside, cating down curses and fiery lasers to enemy pos. And this time enemyvis not even cva but some hereitcs from other 0.0 areas.

(Yarosara Ruil) #18

♪ Storm of blood, born of blood of our fallen brothers! ♪

No matter who you are, war is sang the same way. Neat!

(Jade Blackwind) #19

Are there any mentions of It’s Raining Men in this thread?

Okay, then, i’ll do it. I sorta grew up in the Fed so i can.


(…Never mind.)

(Deitra Vess) #20

I was hoping that would’t be brought up…

Great, now time to get that song out of my head.