Story of a Clone Trooper Veteran. Chapter 2

Once the clone wars there were rumors of there being a place that is dangerous and yet prosperous. And more freedom than the galactic empire. So I headed there and man was I surprised. When I entered the world of New Eden there was a huge battle going on I feared for my life for the first time. I ran jumped and ended up in the Essence region. It was there were I knew I really needed to fight because I had to survive. I enrolled in the Gallente Faction and joined the Federation Navy Academy. I did pretty good with all of the missions. Now I have graduated from the Academy and am in the Militia for the gallente after enrolling my corporation. The 501st Legion USA. It was in honor of my unit during the Clone Wars. I have now lately though been mining to make money and am trying to get men to join it. But in this place it seems to me no one has the fighting spirit I have. And yet in my militia i am a minuet man which is the same as me being a Trooper. So even though I am a Captain and proud of it they make me a trooper. How long I can stand for it I don’t know But I do know I am getting use to flying for I just have taken the dog tags of the following Caldari Navy:
1 Commodore insignia 2
2 Captain insignia 4
4 Midshipman insignia 2
9 Midshipmen insignia 1
That is since my corporation joined the war Between the Gallente and Caldari. Another question is if I will live.

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