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As told on The Summit channel yesterday:

Once upon the time before humans left Paradise and God was still whole, the Fox came to Her, and asked, God, if you’re all-powerful, can you make a stone so big you cannot lift it.

And God said, why would I do that? And the Fox said, oh come on, I just want to see that rock.

(audience) A stone that can not be lifted due to its is in direct violation of the Laws of Physics and should be arrested.

So God shrugged and she said fine, dear Fox, and she made a stone that was very big indeed, even if otherwise it looked like any rock. And she attempted to lift it, and she could not.

The Fox looked at God try and lift the Very Big Stone and it laughed and mocked God and said, I see you are not all-powerful after all! You cannot lift the stone.

(audience) “Ah,” Said God, “But you are wrong, Fox - for the stone cannot be lifted only because I will it so. And my will is supreme to all others. Just as your will is free, only because I permit it. So cherish those limitations I place upon myself, for they permit you to exist.” That’s how it ends.

No, this is how it ends: but God said, are you stupid or what? And She made the stone lighter, and lifted it with ease, and tossed it to the ocean, and it raised a big wave, which carried the Fox away from Her sight. And God went on about Her godly business, and the Fox went away, but still today you can hear it laugh at God in the night among the rocks.


Once upon a time, several pew pew happened around the cluster.

Oh noes, some cried.
Doom looms on the horizon threatening to crack the foundations of the universe, some feared.
Worry not, some replied.
Doom shall not respond to such nonsensical call, some affirmed.

And while some and some exchanged words, arguments, blows and pew pew, little did they know.

The universe was already cracked, it could not be done to it
Doom never left, it did not be called upon

And among all these things, there were sweet juicy red strawberries

Some took their time to taste them