Strange server behavior

Was in middle of a fight and got disconnected, but ship stay online still and eventually was killed after some minutes, even without tackling. Pod also ejected and dont move until got shot. Why is this happening and can I count on reimbursement?

No, you can’t count on it and if the GM who reviews any ticket you submit sticks with CCP policy, you won’t be reimbursed.

However, there can be a range of reasons they relax the policy.

All of what you described is pretty normal behaviour, and results either from:

  1. the server not logging you off immediately, even though on the client side you DC’d, or
  2. you were pointed/scrammed at the time when the server tried to emergency warp you.

Since you say you weren’t pointed, then it is likely that the server didn’t log you off immediately (may have been waiting for a reconnection to be established, or for some other reason you didn’t reach the timeout on the server side).

We’ve noticed that quite a bit lately from AU timezone when people in fleet DC. The game often doesn’t disconnect them from the server until their client tries to login again.

It’s a bit weird.

Maybe that will be enough reason for CCP to reimburse you, but by policy, they should only do so if there was a problem on the server side (which is not likely without a group of players complaining across multiple nodes running on the same server).

The server does not pick up disconnect immediately it takes a time out period like in case of chat and other such online services for the server to notice your disconnect which can take up to a minute or even several, thus until that time even if not tackled your ship will stay as it was before the disconnect during which it can be shot at and killed and same applies to the pod.

Thanks for detailed answers, i will try.

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