Stratios Fit; PvE, Exploration & Defensive PvP


I have been playing for almost 4 months now. I like exploration a lot. So, Stratios is one of my favorite ships (Astero also). To keep it simple & short, I would like my fit to be capable to do the following:

  • PvE, bassically ratting DED 4/10 or weaker sites in low-sec.
  • Data & Relic sites, for example Ghost sites (“Standard” in low-sec) and other weaker sites and
  • as I have no intention to hunt other explorers, I would at least what to be capable to defend myself from others if situation appears, so ‘Defense PvP’ I would call it…

Using UniWiki Slideshow for Armor Tanking (thank you UniWIki), I have been able to understand the basics of mechanics of armor tanking. After all my research this is what I have made.

[Stratios, Buffer Tanking DPvP, Expo. & PvE]

[Empty Low slot]
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Reactive Armor Hardener
1600mm Steel Plates II
Damage Control II

Small Capacitor Booster II
Ligature Integrated Analyzer
10MN Afterburner II
[Empty Med slot]
[Empty Med slot]

Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Medium Energy Neutralizer II
Medium Energy Neutralizer II
Small Energy Neutralizer II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II
Medium Trimark Armor Pump II

Navy Cap Booster 400 x16
Sisters Core Scanner Probe x8

This is the base fit I have. I achieve:

  • Raw HP of 18.2K
  • Almost (as soon as I finish training) 70% resistance on all fronts. I think I need all types of resistance because who knows where I might end up.
  • No expensive modules, except one because I think it is worth it.
  • Energy Neutralizer for defense or of course for attack on NPC rats.
  • Reactive Armor Hardener so that my resistance can adjust. And I guess it has time since I have buffer tank here.

If you think it could go better than this, please share it with me. I am newbie. But to continue to my problem, as you can see, I have 3 empty slots. And here I need help.

  1. For the low slot, I would like to use some kind of Armor Repair even tho it is buffer tanking fit, I need to be able to recover my armor and continue my journey through New Eden without stopping in station or needing to refit with mobile depot. If I do decide Armor Repair, which type and why?
  • Medium Ancillary Armor Repair or
  • Medium Armor Repair II.
  1. For the med slot, I really don’t know. I could add:
  • more buffer. Medium Shield Extender - but maybe I shouldn’t mix shield and armor tanking. Not sure…
  • a bit more aggressive modules, like Stasis Webifier and Warp Scramble.
  • other useful utility modules, like Cargo Scanner, some type of Scan Array or try to squeeze somehow 50MN Microwarpdrive II in there - would have to dump Armor Repair then…
  • mix it (for example, Cargo Scanner and Statis Webifier or Medium Shield Extender) or some kind of a new idea for the module.

That is it. If you could please share with me your thoughts and opinions I would be really great-full. Thanks for reading, understanding and helping.

Neuts are great for PvP, but have zero effect on NPCs who have infinite cap. Nos works fine to gain cap from NPCs, however.

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I’d replace the damage control and plate for a reper and drone damage amplifier fit a second reper in empty lowslot.
I’d replace the trimark rigs with auxiliary nano pumps I’d replace the small injector with a medium injector and replace the ab with an mwd and last two empty mids scram and web

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Hey @Dread_Saboteur ,

thanks for replying. Well, you just made me an Active Tanker. And I have to say, your fit looks great. I made some modification:

  • added Nanobot Acccelerator, for more recharge overall of armor (164.8hp/s right now)
    remove Trimark II for Trimark I due to the calibration restriction.

Here it is.

I might even go with this one. I think, as UniWiki pointed out in the slideshow, Active Tank is better for ‘solo PvP’ which is exactly what I need for my defensive purpose. So, probably will change to this one.

Thank you!


thanks for the reply. I didn’t know about NPC and infinite cap - interesting. Nosferatu is something I did know, but what are it’s restrictions or drawback when it comes to PvP?

My first guess would be that Neutralizer sucks faster energy, but no transfer to your own. While Nosferatu sucks slower energy, but transfers yo your own capacitor. Is this the case?

Nuets are useful because they have far greater range and directly effect both offensive and defensive active systems in your opponet. Nos are helpful when your enemy is out neuting you, but only works once your capacitor reaches levels below your enemy. This is useful when you have active defenses that need the cap, but your enemy is taking yours.

Personally, if exploring, I would use 3 weapons (lasers) instead of neuts, mainly because your are trying to avoid the fights. If you go with the nets, you’ll be more of a danger to your fellow capsuleers, but that also means you are sticking around to fight them. Both ideas work, but take different mindsets.

Yea looks good if you can pack a standard exile booster drug or two it gives massive rep power for chance of some side effects but you know if someone is trying to kill you better have every edge.
As for the neuts vs nos thing I wouldn’t give up a neut for a no because nos sucks capacitor to you only if you have less than the target whereas with neuts you are depleting enemy capacitor guaranteed and at greater amount than a nos.
Essentially the fit I proposed is a 90-95% pvp fit which you can do some pve stuff in plenty of people opt for a pvp fit to do their pve in especially if they don’t feel totally safe

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Yes @Buoytender_Bob, I understand the point. Still, I think Nuets. or Nos. will help me more in defending myself. Lasers do have more benefits from the DPS standing point.

But when it comes down to choosing one between these two (Neuts. & Nos.), I have a new dilemma now. Oh yeah, when it comes to range in kilometers I see no difference. Maybe you meant ‘far greater range’ in usefulness, not kilometers.

One more question, what do you think about mixing or using one set of Neuts. and one set of Nos.? That could work. One for NPC rats and one or two for PvP. What do you think - seems like a cool idea?

You could replace one medium neut for a nos then and keep one medium neut one small neut

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Didn’t knew about this one, @Dread_Saboteur. Cool. Do you have any other drug for recommendation, either for PvE or PvP for my case fit.

Yeah, neuts. are more for PvP, but @Buoytender_Bob did have a good point. Maybe mix them as you said, I will see depending on the experience. But neuts. do make me feel more safer.

The last sentence makes much sense. I could probably do DED 4/10 with this fit and weaker sites, while still being 90-95% ready for PvP if it comes to. Thank you so much!

Nah except pack a set of hornet ecm drones if you need a quick escape

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Yeah, should have been clearer with “range”. The neuts can be used for both offensive ( drain his ability to defend himself both weapons and active defenses) or defensive ( next his web/warpscrambler so you can eventually escape). The problem arises that many hunters use nets against you and neuts need lots of power to work. I kind of like having two types of capacitor warfare mods available, but wonder if by splitting you reduce each type to become ineffective at their job.

If having to choose, guess I would go with a nos just because I could use it on either for PvP or PvE. I’d still be hitting that v button like a pro and keeping in eye out in local.

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Yeah, @Dread_Saboteur. I was going to include on of those. Okay, I guess it’s gonna be yours Active Tank, seems more reasonable and safer for low-sec.

Thanks, I think it’s close to perfect now for my needs. Once I decide on Nos. or Neu. it will be done.

Very, very, intresting @Buoytender_Bob. You are saying that I wouldn’t even have enough power to use my neutralizer because enemy would be using his also on me. But I guess (makes logical sense) that the same applies to him also. He would also get cap. depleted.

Last question. If this is the situation as you mentioned with ‘hunters’ I guess that my Medium Capacitor Booster would help or wouldn’t have enough time to be effective - what do you think?

Also makes sense. Will choose one or the other. Thanks for all this knowledge.

Well, a Cap Battery gives you some immunity/resistance, while a booster is very helpfull but sure takes up a lot of cargo bay space with the charges. I know when I’m making my losec runs, I don’t want to have to decide what to take or not while still visable on the grid., I grab all and sort at leisure. Course if you are doing only one or two systems, you probably won’t run out of space, but you don’t want to be deciding late in your run what things to keep,jettison, or grab from can…grab, gtfo and cloak.

Hahaha. Yes. of course. From my small experience in exploring and ratting, items in Data/Relic site and some very expensive module that you would get from DED 4/10 usually don’t take up a lot of space in your cargo hold. I filled up my cargo hold with 20x Navy Cap Booster 800, and have 15% left in cargo hold - should be enough theoretically both-wise. But the point is valid. I guess if I run out of space, I will jettison Cap Booster charges…

But still, both variants have pro’s and con’s. I will see, think about it for a little and ultimately decide. Thanks @Buoytender_Bob.

From my experience, if you don’t manage to escape the ceptor you are dead, I suggest going:

  • DCII replace energy adaptive with faction one to compensate a bit, +1 stab, +1 overdrive
  • cap booster, + tracking computer II tracking speed script - ab + 50 MN MWD II + 2 scanning modules to help with exploration
    Drop the small energy neut and replace with high tracking small laser T2 and use with short range T2 ammo

Hey @Pur3Bl00D,

sounds interesting. Although, the fit that I made in pyfa with previous suggestions sounds more adjusted to my needs. So, I will be going with the previous suggested one.

Little update about the meaning of ‘Defensive PvP’.

It was pointed out to me that my philosophy of ‘defensive PvP’ won’t help. It’s because, and I quote:

a competent pvp player will not fight you unless they are reasonably certain they will be able to kill you.

I agree with that 100%.

Stratios should always use stealth and in this very case (my fit) avoid fight, so ‘defensive PvP’ in this sense means as a last resort option. And of course, Stratios could take out smaller targets - but that is not the point right now. I quote, again:

Stratios’s main prey is other exploration ships hacking cans though. suddenly seeing a cruiser decloak next to your Probe is a very worrying experience.

So to sumurize. Stealth & PvE first. Then as last option PvP. Because if someone wants you killed, it will most likely happen.

I shouldn’t get too deeply involved in exploration, it’s about to get the ‘hello-kitty’ treatment - all exploration signatures visible in agency

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