Streamline Crimewatch under Tidi

As we’ve discovered many times by now, Crimewatch does not scale well to large fleet fights. This is particularly a problem in low security space, where the consequences of actions are relatively insignificant to the “offender”.

I suggest this as an “simplified” system that can go into effect during those fights.

  1. defer the processing of pilot security rating changes until the system returns to normal or the pilot leaves system.
  2. forget about wardecs in lowsec while under tidi - they are going to be an edge case anyway here, there’s no need to do that processing.
  3. when the server starts to buckle under the load, don’t even bother with lowsec criminal/suspect states anymore, just do retroactive security rating adjustments when it’s over and just have gate/station guns fire at anyone who gets a weapons timer while in range. Nobody’s really going to notice the difference.

Or just have the location check that says ‘Am I in Empire? No? Don’t invoke Crimewatch’ say ‘Am I in Empire AND faster than 20-30% Time Dilation?’ so when tidi gets heavy, Crimewatch just turns off.

Because holy crap, I think it about quadrupled the tidi/lag last night.

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Much easier to play back the killmails later and adjust sec status IMO, and would keep exactly the same effect within low security space.