Streemfleet or whatever

You say one hour I say 4 hours but in the meantime at CCP

The forums say one hour. We’ve been chatting for only a little over an hour.

Forum is a CCPs forum that means lying from the beggining … :joy:

Ah, of course. The forums are lying to you, the clocks are lying to you, your bank account is lying to you…

Everything is lying to you because they dont agree with you.

Explains a lot.

How smart from you, hav you born that way or Eve make you “better” :rofl:

I hope that the others from CCP who will be fired soon will go equally well :rofl:

Why, thank you. I was born this way.

Again, they will do better than you, thats for sure.

At least you can comfort yourself and blame the bad luck :frowning:

You said i was smart.

Im getting mixed signals here. Are you confused as to what the word “Smart” means?

Not you are confused what “Smart” means, but I blame the mother nature for that … :frowning:
P.S. and Eve ofc :slight_smile:

Oh, of course. “Smart” means “Stupid”. Of course!

This makes sense now. All this time, you thought we were complimenting you!

Can we ban this low level troll yet

1. Specifically restricted conduct.

The purpose of the EVE Online forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE Online. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to courteous when disagreeing with others.

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Thread closed for rules violations.

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