Streemfleet or whatever

Where they are, more streamers than views :rofl:

As someone involved in streaming. I would NEVER choose to stream eve.
It’s just not a good game for it. Yt highlight reels Sure, but live you just have too much downtime. Which means it’s entirely on the personality of the streamer… And… frankly most of yall just ain’t that interesting (my self included)

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And how many viewers do you have again?


I am not “MegaUltraTurboIMBA” Eve which demand 15$ a month …

You demand no money and yet have fewer viewers than someone who charges money?

You’ve shot yourself in the foot there, kiddo.

My foot is OK, how about fired CCP employees ???

They’re doing fine too. Being fired has nothing to do with lives ending. I’m sure you’ve been fired many times, and yet you’re still here wasting time.

They will do better than you, that’s for sure.

At least we wont find any ex-CCP employees hanging around the forums complaining and crying. They’re busy finding new jobs and moving on with their lives.

They sign lots of shady papers when was employed ny CCP and must be quiet.

I am not crying just looking how NOT to run a IT bussines :rofl:

Nothing you’ve cried about has anything to do with the game. If they wanted to, they could do what you do. But they dont, cause they understand what’s important.

Yes, you are.

Denial is the first stage of grief.

ftfy :rofl:

No, you made it into a jumbled mess. Before you try to fix my quotes, fix your English language skills.

My Enlish skill is enough for my needs, for serious jobs I pay some natural bor english speakers, and CCP can not save neither your quotes or 1000x better english…

please clap now


Since I couldnt understand what you wrote, clearly, it isnt.

You are fanboy, you’re not important :stuck_out_tongue:

Not important enough to get replies from you, right? Oh wait…

Do not imagine that you are important, you are just a vehicle for a better presentation of the truth about the CCP :laughing:

Again, for someone who isnt very important, you sure are replying a lot.

Yup and using this opportunity to write that several hours are passed and CCPs “IT experts” still did not repaired the market DB

It’s been an hour… no wonder you’re having trouble playing eve, you can’t even read a clock.