Strip Miners

Why do my strip miners keep cycling even after the asteroid is depleted?

If you know about how much is left in the roid you can stop the cycle at the point it should be depleted instead of waiting for the cycle to finish

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because you started the cycle.

Because the results of an activation are calculated and applied when the module activation ends, either manually by deactivation or automatically at the end of a cycle. The state (existence) of the asteroid is only checked for at start and end, so it won’t know the asteroid is gone mid cycle. Similarly, whoever has their cycle end first gets first dibs on the ore left. Other miners will get nothing for their partial cycle if somebody finishes off an asteroid first.

It also means you can go out of mining range, if you make certain you are in range when cycles start and end, and you won’t lose anything for wandering in the middle.

Fixed why there are still man player this game

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