Fix for Rock being mined while it is dose not exist


I notice an issue while mining that the cycle keep going even if there is no ore to be mined.
So why not to create a countdown calculater within the code so the module that mine can check
every second the remaining of ore.

Or why not when one of the module that mine finish the cycle give a note to the other module to stop.

Survy module only give info but dose not stop the cycle.


If you use the survey module and see that it is empty you can manually stop the cycle and move to the next asteroid.

This manual switching of the rock benefits you, the active miner, over say the braindead bot or massive multiboxer, as you can increase your efficiency by not wasting time on an empty rock. I don’t know for sure, but I am pretty confident this is even intended to give survey modules a more useful purpose and allow active players to mine more efficiently than someone who is mostly AFK. I mean, if CCP wanted, they could just reduce the cycle time to a few seconds to prevent any wastage.

If you want a countdown timer you can build one yourself, or just use your watch. In fact, I think people have even done so in the past… yes! like this one:


lol just imagine that you are digging some where by your hand to find water .
so when you cover all the way so you find that water you still digging because the cycle did not finish.

it is need fix any way.
we seek perfect.

:slight_smile: Then earn perfect, don’t expect to have it handed to you.

If you forget to turn your automated digging machine off and it is shooting a laser into an empty husk for thirty seconds because you are watching Netflix, that is on you.

Working as intended.

Why not ?
This is supposed to be a bug or bad mechanic.

As I explained, it is almost certainly suppose to be this way and not a bug or a “bad” mechanic. This way, you are a better miner better if you pay attention with a survey module and micromanage.

If you want to fix wastage, then just ask CCP to make the cycle time on a strip miner 5 or 10s. But they won’t do that because it is a game and you are suppose to be able to do better if you put in effort.

Let me guess, its also abad mechanic that it doesnt pilot your ship to the rock for you,or autopilot you home when full?

Stop mocking and leave

it is a guss and we do not deside what they think or why they did it.
But yeah i appritiate your answers.

Youre the one who wants everything done for you. Its not mocking when its what you want.

Get out yourself.

When at it CCP should implement a feature that auto-loots wrecks and docks up right away within the Jita 4-4 docking ring while I watch TV or do other afk stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude From where are you getting this conclution that i want every thing to be done for me ??

I made this Post suggesting to fix an issue i see it as issue which it is the cycle keep cycling when
there is nothing to mine.

Maybe because your asking the game to do something you should be doing yourself?

This is one of the few examples of ccp rewarding active mining it is a good thing that should be held as any example. It is not a problem needing a fix

I would say that there is a bug. If you have active two miner modules on the same rock and the rock depletes, than only one miner module will stop at the end of its cycle and other miner module will run for another completely empty run until it turns off. Maybe that is the issue that needs to be fixed.

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This is what i am saying.

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Modules in all cases check for empty/dead/etc at the start of the cycle. This has been this way for 15 years and in some cases is desired.

Nope, -1.

Im in favor of this, partial cycle BS is just that, BS. I understand the arguments against the change and to each their own on opinions but the QoL change for mining outweighs other considerations in my mind.

Than I figured it out wrong :joy:

not a QOL change its a balance change.

the current mechanics reward active mining. make this change and you will see the market flooded as mining bots become even more efficient

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If people are going to bot they will be successful and this change one way or the other wont have a significant impact on anything at all, including mineral prices.

If you’re concerned in any real way about mineral prices then propose that Rorqual efficiency be cut in half, that ill impact EVE mineral prices in a significant way, this QoL change will not even be noticed by the market place.