An idea to possibly make mining with bots a bit more difficult

I don’t know how mining bots work, but I imagine they use the overview to lock the asteroids they want to mine. So what if asteroids (ore & ice) were not possible to lock in the overview? I am not saying to entirely remove them from there or remove the little thingy which shows which one you’ve clicked on (when it’s not yet target-locked). I am just proposing to make it impossible to target-lock them by clicking on their label in the overview. This way everyone would have to click on the rock itself, while it’s floating in space to target-lock it and turn on mining lasers. I am pretty sure that it wouldn’t make much of a difference for normal miners, but bots would have problems, unless of course they are able to somehow pick out asteroids which are in space (by using colour or something, I don’t know).

I think most miners use the list a survey scanner yields.
I don’t know if bots also use this method but imo this would be a reasonable way.
And I am sure it would be a real pain for most miners if you would not be able to lock things via that list anymore.

Besides, locking all kinds of things via the overview but not being able to lock asteroids that way seems a bit strange.

This seems like a huge decrease in the quality of life for miners. You would no longer be able to sort overview by name and start with the best ores. You would have to use a survey scanner or just keep clicking on rocks. Seems like a huge pain for little if any gain.


I totally agree - no measure against bots should also have a negative impact on players.

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i think you need to re-read the suggestion none of your complaints actually hold up. The idea is stupid just not for those reasons

How so?

just makes mining even more tedious for actual players and at worst for bots breaks them for a week before they are able to work again

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I guess It would be the best if they somehow integrated it with a mining overhaul or something like that.
But anyway it won’t happen and I don’t know why I bothered. Ultimately bots make CCP money. If they didn’t, they would have done something about them already.

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