New Strip Mining without locking targets

Hello everyone.

In Eve mobile there are strip miners on which you can just hit one button and it will go to town mining everything. It will cycle out for one rock and then move on to the next random rock over and over. Note that the strip miner won’t stay on the same rock but randomly jumps to a different one every cycle.

That just sounds like a big thumbs up to bot miners, give them something todo

F1 F2 does the same thing? Just less clicking and locking. No different if you find a big rock and just push F1 and leave. You know but I understand what your getting at.

This was an interesting mechanic, made it more difficult to cherry-pick a belt but significantly higher yield than the ventures, also meant strategically positioning your ship in a belt would yield a higher net value of ores due to mining laser range.

Useless ores we’re usually jettisoned to make space for more valuable ore, good pickings for scavengers.

Bottling was definitely a problem with this system… bot hunting was fun but obviously not effective enough to stop Bots from being lucrative. Same thing happens in EO though, that’s why they have the yearly bot bash where they force undock bots from stations to let players blow them up.

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This seems like a nice quality of life change. The same thing should be possible with turrets and launchers. If you have turned them activated, they will automatically attack the next target if the current one dies or is out of range. It doesent break the game. It makes playing it more enjoyable so the opposite of breaking the game.

Also if you think having to hit F1 is stopping a botter i have a bridge to sell you.

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no, this is a very stupid idea.

It promotes botting…
It promotes lazy AFK play…
It promotes complacency and stupidity

STFU and take your alt @Dreg_Apc with you

Edit: also this is not a mobile game

Edit 2: there is nothing wrong with my post, but everything wrong with your agenda

This could very much be an idea to look at for turrets and missiles. But remember only way this would work would be if the target is shooting at you. Fire away then :slight_smile: Just remember it would be all random of what target it would shoot first.

We already have auto targeting missiles that automatically fire at targets firing at you once they have been started until all targets are gone or you are out of missiles

That’s not how auto-targeting missiles work in my experience. They fire at anything that doesn’t automatically get you flagged whether its targeting you or not. Maybe they changed this at some point? That would sure be nice…if so, I might consider using ATMs again.

Your funny :slight_smile: like your post.

So it allows people to be lazy. Oh well?
The mobile game is still fun and part of the Eve gameplay. So?

Been doing combat sites with ATMs for a while because I’m to lazy to target. They will only fire when you’ve been agressed.

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