Strongholds in Ihatalo

Why are the Guristas putting up strongholds in the constellation of Ihatalo in the Forge so often? They must really want that constellation.

That’s a Cosmos mission constellation. These things are probably fixed spawns.

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Ah, so maybe if I don’t want to be bothered by them so much I should move my corporation’s base?

Oh, and what’s a Cosmos mission?

They are basically what other games call quests or storylines.

And no, the Guristas will not take over the constellation or something. In the grand scheme of things so far (CCP has been trying to change this for years now) the sovereignty states of all systems except for faction warfare systems are set in stone. For the foreseeable future, this constellation will remain in Caldari State hands.

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I know, I was making a joke.

Okay, but I wasn’t. Players want more fluid, ever changing ownership of systems and CCP is seriously considering it. :smiley:

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Interesting, so they might let even hisec systems change hands?

Or even let players pull systems back out of Pochven? :smiley:

Who knows, to be honest. Anything is possible. It’s still only a faint idea without anything specific being said or done towards this endgoal. But the idea has been floated a few times.

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