Structure construction parts, station components

First, what the hell does ‘moon mining amount 100 m3’ mean under structure construction block attributes?

Second, if someone was to get into manufacturing structure components, where is the market? Jita volume doesn’t tell me it’s in hisec on open market.



No. Only desperate people buy these. In order to be cheaper than the market, you have to build the components yourself. Else there is no point in producing anything with components for resale for profits or building it for your own use over just buying it on the market.

Back in the day I made plenty producing control towers, and could also make decent money off Cap construction parts all by themselves.

Sorry the first question falls below your reading comprehension level btw

LOL, well if you’re so smart I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out yourself.

Good luck.


Well thank you for recognizing my intellectual prowess, spell check helps me maintain the illusion.

Still serious, wtf 100 m3 moon mining amount under item volume entry, with no explanation.

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