Structure destroyed in High Sec

After playing for a year just moon mining and doing small industrial jobs, I decided to take a break from game, I had 3 refineries and a industrial complex all in a 5.0 system. filled them with fuel and took a break from game. When i returned they were all destroyed by another corporation that took the moons. How? why wasn’t i protected by high sec rules? How was this capable with out concord interving. Any time i showed aggression to anyone in high sec the concord police wipes me out. can someone explain this.

they probably wardecced you?

They declared war on you:

As the article says, that is how disputes are settled in highsec. They wanted your moons, challenged you to honourable combat with the war mechanic, and then exploded your structures.


Short: Concord doesn’t protect corporations with assets in space. Never did.


So…you left your “turf” just sitting there alone as you were out of the game for a long time and are surprised someone blew up your probably-seemed-abandoned structures…because they kinda were…and/or took “your” mining spot? …come on now…

Perhaps before or at least sometime after you have structures set up you might want to at least learn the basics of what could be a threat to them.

There should be more of NPCs destroying unpowered structures, also. Either “keep the lights on” and use the structure, or after a bit it gets turned into glowing red dust™

Nice character name you have, kudos on that.

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You’re catching a lot of flack for not understanding the mechanic. That’s okay, don’t let it discourage you. The most important part of Eve is to learn from your mistakes. You made a mistake that you didn’t know you were making. That’s part of learning.

Now, you know, and you can adapt. Don’t give up.