Structure destroyed outside of M-0 by BODYS

(Celeru) #21

You got it backwards brother. The “fake assertion” was:

Me asking for proof doesn’t qualify.

The English Language…mesmerizing the masses for centuries.

(Amak Boma) #22

stop fighting on forum go to m-o at sun fight 1v1 forum is not good place for complains about rule violations because cccp does not care about singularity testing disruption. didnt you all notice there are no plans for any masstests? take a look what happened to battlestar galactica they were shutting down piece after piece and soon final. eve is dying it starts on singularity

(Calando) #23

Sorry, but you don’t get to make up test server rules as you see fit. The rule is no PVP outside test server without consent. Consent was not given. Therefore, you are in violation.

(Calando) #24

“Why did you make me break the test server rules” is basically what you’re saying, and that’s not valid justification.

You mean exactly how your shitty alliance goes out of its way to do to everybody else? Can dish it but can’t take it, is that it?

(Calando) #25

This whole thread is cucks collectors alliance trying to rationalize breaking test server rules.

Ban their whole god damn alliance, it’s obvious they don’t care.

(NaCl Extractor) #26

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(Luscius Uta) #27

Saying that it’s OP’s fault his Fortizar got destroyed because he anchored it too close to another structure is just like saying it’s a woman’s fault she got raped because she wore a short skirt.

(Chi Izanami) #29

Not really, he did told us hes gonna use that structure to spy on us+ do some weird stuff