Stuff that need Fix

(anas moraished) #1


I notice that even with me activating the agressive mood for drone
still the NPC delock them and keep shooting me.

I keep disconnect repeatdly the last three weeks like each two or five minuts.
The disconnecting still happning.

I was aproching several rocks to mine them and i am sure there is a rock nearby
that i am planing to mine after i am done with the two that being mined but that
third rock disappeared while nothing happend to it.

I posted a post about calling drone back to hanger but one drone did not scoped
when the others being scoped.

After disconnecting i can not establish new connection.

Today i notice the quit button on top right dose not work to close the window.

Not sure which catagory to add those to so i made it in one post.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

lol that’s not what the aggressive setting does m8

none of what you posseted should be here they should all be submitted via f12 in game

(system) #3

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