Stupid Poll to vote best sci-fi game of all time, laughable!

What a laughable poll, some of the best Sci-Fi games not even mentioned. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, Homeworld Cataclysm, Pulstar (NeoGeo), Cosmic Avenger (ColecoVision), G-Police (3dfx and PSX) and like 100s more not even mentioned…


… some crap like Obama Boss Fight (whatever tf that is) is mentioned.
Please CCP, don’t waste people’s time with cheap quality polls.


A man of culture.

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IMO, HW:Cataclysm is the best in the series.

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… not to mention the fact that you need to accept ‘targeting’ cookies before you can even get to the poll, provided you would even be inclined to spend a ton of time going through the “always active” cookies and manually kick them in the behind. This type of voting is not part of any democratic process, lmao.

For me EvE is the best (sci-fi) game, period. So you have my vote in spirit, dear CCP, just not on that asinine RSP website.


Yeah the voting part got blocked by the anti-ad software, so that’s a no.


P. O.L.L is the acronym of Nonsense.

Awesome game.

If CCP is so desperate to know what type of hentai I browse, they can just ask and I’ll post some samples on the forums. But seeing as how they refuse to add cat ears to the game, I’m not sure how that will help them with their marketing.

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Tiberian Sun, Earth 2150. I declare them the winners.

No Anime

I’m Dutch. Chances are I’ll be the tall one.

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Freelancer is the greatest space game of all time.
One day I hope its surpassed but it hasn’t been yet.

One thing is for sure. EVE is not. It’s not got planets to land on and explore or space stations to do the same.
It’s got no real random exploration.
Nothing feels like the very final frontier.
Little in the way of a living universe.
Space looks crap in Eve too.
No real base building and customization.
Big fleet fights are actually awful multi hour lag fests where nothing much happens besides pressing f1 and chatting crap to friends.

Eve is great. But its far far far from the best space game. That title probably goes to Freelancer, or NMS or something along those lines

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