Eve Online sinks from #14 to #44 in PC Gamer's Top 100 PC Games

Over a NEGATIVE(-) 300 (three HUNDRED) PERCENT (%) DROP!!

U (dis)agree?

What is ur TOP 14

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Who cares?

Eve Online could be in a list of the top 100 fruits and the ranking would still matter just as much to the actual game.


Watching reviews on websites where there are a lot of reviewers is like entering the freaking lottery, you never know who is there, and how much they trully play the game, and how much they enjoyed the game, it is definitely not a top 10 or whatever that will affect my views on a game, but how I view the game, I do look out for opinions about it, as to not get myself into a buggy mess or unfulfilled promises (Thank you videogamedunkey for warning me about No Man’s Sky), but most of it is my personal opinion. I looked at that list and I was thinking: “Ok, I don’t remember Portal 2 being a recent release, or it just means they must truly enjoy playing that game non stop for that being number 5.” And let us be honest, you know the reviewers are in this weird rat race to get the first reviews out in order to have more views and traffic.

In short, I have more of a “I love salmon” thing, where others “hate salmon” and write about it so that sheep follows that opinion without even trying.

I say that my top games are:

  • Super Mario Odyssey (But it needs to release first and I gotta love it but so far it looks AMAZING)
  • Breath of the Wild
  • Total War: Warhammer
  • Mario Maker
  • EvE
  • For Honour
  • Pokemon Go
  • Fire Emblem Warriors (another one that is yet to release)
  • Sonic Mania
  • Mario Kart
  • Caesar III
  • Pharaoh (That is right I just listed two dinosaur games)
  • AoE 2
  • Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War (which is also due to release)

They are in no particular order, because one day I fancy playing a game, the other a different game.

EVE is a sinking ship. CCP failed a gamble in chasing after instant gratification dumbfucks and is now just milking the last bit out of a dying game.

But those rankings don’t matter ■■■■ in any case. If you want to know how good a game is, read user reviews. These are way more likely to not be bought.


The Mario cart is this game?

I’m not a dedicated video gamer, but I tried like half of those best PC games. Many of them are rated correctly, but many are underrated or overrated. The last 3 years I’m on:

  • Skyrim V (playing for a week or two during winter holydays. I’m close to kill the last dragon… maybe);
  • Hearthstone (playing less and less; the game is just toooo monetized currently; this summer played like 10 hours totally);
  • Diablo 3 (I like this game during winter holydays, sometimes during weekends);
  • EVE (playing this game for the last 6 months. Was on Alpha account for 2 months. This game brought my attention and I paid my EVE subscription for a 1 year forward and queued all top skills… I’ll see).

EVE has great potency, the game not forcing players to insane grinding and it can be played offline, it’s the top game for players above 25 years old, the game requires high personal player abilities for good play, it requires a serene lifestyle…

This one, dabbing on dem haters before dabbing was a thing

Also, I didn’t knew the guy who made that video you linked changed the thumbnail lol

Sinks because CCP is focused on making other games recently.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For EVE.

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Skyrim V? They made four more Skyrims?

Hehehe… The word “Skyrim” and symbol “V” are the only things I remember from that game name. I scrolled my files a bit and here is full juristical name “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.

There aren’t four more, - they made one more. IDK the name, but that is a patch to Skyrim (a splinter of the previous game with the same engine and gameplay, describing the story of dragonborn) which happens on an island in Morrowind.

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