Stupidest Year End Movie to date

Does it Explode?
On this film those dolphins where all running away from faction police due to no tether in highsec

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Only when it gets into contact with an explosive enemy. :smirk: :thinking: :innocent:

Who doesn’t love Flipper?


I had a good excuse, and then realized it didn’t fly when they were even able to do it during 2020 and we all remember what happened that year.

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I’m really sad that the quality of service is declined even though raise the omega price.


Price rise was just an illusion, there had been sales and packs that gained our focus.

they don’t even sent me he ■■■■ video :frowning:

Are you omega?

but there is few days maybe is that

Better forget there was ever personalized video. You can certainly do without one. Carbon footprint is too much.

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Oh. All the other movies didn’t bore you into a coma (like they did me?)