Sub 1s fit

New to intra-region trading. I like to trade high value low volume items. I’m looking into speccing so I can get a sub 1s align Hecate. As far as I can tell that should be impossible to catch in low sec?

If I have around 9.6k ehp should I be relatively safe warping through Ahbazon?

Personally I think it’s better to get used to Pochven, if you want to regular trade low volume Jita-Amarr. Else yes, you can, but I’m not sure whether this works without implants (google may help) … also check the event drugs on market, there are multiple to reduce your align time significantly without investing billions in a gimmick fit.

There is no such thing. Highly unlikely? Yes. But enough mid warp smartbombs can still destroy you. About 3 battleships worth.

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Sub 1s warp should be possible in a Hecate or Jackdaw.

You would need a combination of:

  • both ship agility skills ( Evasive Maneuvering, Spaceship Command) at level 5
  • implants (nomad set, EM-700 series), which may require some skills
  • inertial stabilizers and agility rigs on the ship
  • the ship itself, in propulsion mode

I’ve never flown one this way, but I guess it should be safe to warp through any parts of space without bubbles, as long as you don’t warp straight to a gate with smartbombs and use bookmarks (to check gates, to instantly undock and dock).

As alternative for low volume high value trades you could look into Blockade Runners, those have a bit more volume, require no implants to be safe and can be used in relative safety even in parts of space where bubbles exist like WH, Pochven and NS space with the right fit.

Those might be nice if you take Tipa’s tip to use Pochven as a shortcut for HS trades.


Afaik the commands need up to one second to be sent to the server and interpreted there. I wouldn’t be too confident, because there’s also always a pilot as a weak link in a “perfect” setup. So it’s not at all impossible: Abhazon is risky terrain.

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Thank you all for the replies. I’m currently flying a sub 2s Sunesis and got ganked in Abhazon. I like the risk, but I changed my flying schedule to avoid the daytime madness through Abhazon. I’ve survived the smartbombs at gate before, and the hecate has more shield / armor, so I feel that should be fine.

As far as blockade runners, I’ve looked into them, but I didn’t see any sub 1s fits, I was looking for something where it was impossible to get warp scrambled from a server perspective, not just unlikely, like the sub 2s builds.

I’m familiar with the Pochven route, spent my first few weeks playing EVE doing data/relic runs in Null. As far as Pochven though I believe 2 filaments would take 30 min to get in and out which slows things down quite a bit.

Your description is basically what I’m going for, I’m working on finishing maxing out Evasive Manuevering and Spaceship command and am planning on getting several implants. The whole build is several hundred million including the implants, hence I wanted to check if other people had used it and if it was uncatchable in (HS,LS) as I saw a few people mention on the forums.

15 minutes, or shorter if you use the wormholes.

BRs are only sub 3, and this is too dangerous for Tama and Abhazon if there is an active gatecamp, as you have professional decloakers (incl. citadel fighter squads), instalockers, and lot of stuff around the gate which prevent your cloak every other try. Everywhere else it’s best for medium hauls. For small hauls I use an Ares or Sunesis if I know there are no bubbles.

I personally never bothered with 1s fits, but for extra valuable stuff I use WH connections / Pochven or unusual routes with preparation. If someone catches my sub 2s fits, I would give a GF, and carry on. And nobody ever did, and I’m almost exclusively flying Hecates in lower sec. :wink:

Can get sub 2 with nomads though. :wink:

Sorry, deleted this by accident:

Thanks for the context on your experience. I don’t have any experience with “citadel fighter squads”, will have to look that up.

Since I’m not currently transporting stuff out of null, bubbles aren’t an issue. I’ve been caught by them before though. Interdiction nullifier couldn’t get me out since they were quick to scramble me.

BR with sub 2 is a good point, getting the nomads would open other ships up when I want to transport more goods quickly.

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