Sudden Buggery AU TZ LS/WH

Sudden Buggery is a man’s corp(1) for a man’s world(1), and in a man’s world you need a big cold empty void. BUGRY is the filling for that empty void.

What do we do? We fly stuff until it gets shot and explodes. Then we buy more stuff, and repeat until fun is achieved, if not dank ganks. (2)

You: A person playing this game.
Interests: Long walks on the beach, beep-boop of probes, piracy-lite

Us: A laid back bunch of snake-cutting mad blokes.

Our interests:

  • Long walks in the belts.

  • BEEP BOOP of probes

  • So-called micro-gang PVP AKA small corp, small gang

  • ho-ho-hot drops for suitably trusted and qualified untermensch

We live in Heimatar lowsec, punch donuts and have a good time doing it in between changing IRL nappies and working for The Man.

Ideally you like wormhole diving without the headache of having to put up gudfites, maybe like roaming, maybe a bit of hotdropping, bagging the odd capital, etc (3). Alphacas welcome, but ideally you can fly T2 cruisers, T1 logi, fit a cloak and are training for T3’s and BLOPs.

Only lowsec + wormhole lyf can give this, and more!

See our Killboard, and be amazed, if not whelmed!

If you are even vaguely interested, fling Trinkets friend a mail, or join our pub channel Hola Batmanuel.

1 - Women can also fly ships in this man’s world
2 - We do a lot of wormhole diving, exploration, and so on. Mining is encouraged, with a cyno.
3 - You will need to prove yourself capable of Opsec, flying a BLOPs, a HIC and even a capital, before hotdrops
4 - Full API is required

  • Discord
  • Teamspeak
  • Pathfinder
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Baaahmp again


Yes, another bump!


Huuuup the top. it’s like giving a midget a leg up for a leg over here.

Just an avatar wreck I found.

Join this corp TF is a legend and they have 10/10 shitposting.

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I have a corpse locker of 127 smutty molestables, and adding frottage objects weekly!

Bump! Y U No Join?



If I weren’t already in a corp and was AUTZ I’d join just for the name…



Join today!


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