Sudden disconnect

So I had just gotten the first fight of the day, and then I suddenly DC’d. Upon trying to reconnect I got this:
Youtube is working just fine. Which leads me to ask, what gives, and is anyone else having this issue?

yes, same here. account site is also down.


Cloudflare was experiencing issues this morning; they have posted a blog with details:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

For 22 hours I am experiencing random disconnects. 2 in the last hour. Nothing else is affected at all.

Between disconnects 2 and 3 I rebooted my router and cleared the Eve caches but #3 still happened. It is killing my enjoyment so I’m off to do something else until it’s resolved.


I am encountering the same issues. Disconnects every 30 mins or so. Corpmates are claiming that it’s a known cloudlfare issue but is there any solution?

If Cloudflare is ■■■■■■ then nothing can save us.

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