Sudfel Enterprises - Low-Sec Industrial Corp Recruiting High-Sec Miners

Sudfel Enterprises is an industrial corp operating in a high-sec pocket within low-sec space. We provide market services to the regional Faction Warfare population. We’re a startup corp in need of semi-independent operators willing to help us grow.

We inherited a significant isk and mineral reserve from a defunct corporation, so our production lines are already running non-stop, stocking our local market with all of the ships and mods necessary to support any of our corp members’ desired activities.

For miners, we offer unlimited ore buyback at Jita buy order prices. The corp also offers free logistical support to its members. No need to worry about low-sec transit; the corp will provide all your transportation needs. Our area offers good belts and many ore anomalies, with low competition.

Experienced miners and industrialists are a definite plus, but we’re also willing to train new members. To help new players get started in their mining career, we’ll provide you with an initial mining barge for free. Once we’ve recruited enough members, we’ll host regular mining fleet ops.

Non-miners are also welcome. The corp’s primary focus is supporting our members’ independent activities. Are you a mission runner? There’s a Level 4 mission agent at our station, and we’ll buy your salvage for rig production. Do you like to pvp? Low-sec is all around, providing ample opportunities. We’ll keep you supplied with the loadouts you need to reship with maximum convenience. If you like Faction Warfare, we’re in a Gallente FW area and provide an excellent central basing location for your activities.

Whatever you want to do in the game, we’re there to support you. But we definitely need some good miners.

Whereabouts are you?

Recruitment is going well. We have a strong start to our miner ranks, and the ore is flowing. We still need more of you!

We don’t just need miners. We need salvage for rig production! Salvage buyback program available. Within 5 jumps of our base of operations, you can find a Level 5 Security agent and 48 Level 4 agents of all types. Mission runners, either salvage behind yourself to supplement your income or buddy with a corpmate to salvage behind you and split the income. Take advantage of our market pull and regional price inflation to sell your loot!

Industrialists, take advantage of the very low system cost index at our base. When our miners and salvagers post their buyback contracts, you can buy their ore/salvage for your own personal use.

Haulers, there’s plenty of logistical support you can contribute if you want to pursue a job earning a wage from the corp for your service. Also, 30 Level 3 & 4 Distribution agents nearby to choose from for rep grinding!

There’s room for everybody at Sudfel Enterprises. Sign up today!

Hi, I’ve just come back to the game and wanting to get back into mining so mining hisec sounds perfect to me.

What do I have to do to apply? :+1:

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We’d be happy to have you. We have several returning players and new players, so we have a bulletin post with lots of useful guides and links to get people back up to speed.

You can look us up in-game: Sudfel Enterprises. I can also send you an in-game mail, and we can discuss bringing you onboard.


What can Sudfel Enterprises offer you?

  • Orca support.
  • Ore and salvage buyback.
  • Profit-sharing incentives for project/event participation.
  • Learning-friendly environment.
  • Local station market listings for preferred ships, rigs, and fitting essentials.
  • Low-sec courier service to transport your goods safely to/from trade hub of your choice.

Sudfel Enterprises is going strong, but we still need additional contractors to support our industrial goals. We need miners, salvagers, and industrialists, but we also need pvp-oriented players to round out our capabilities.

If you’re a miner, we offer:

  • Orca boosts.
  • Ore buyback at 95% Jita buy order pricing.
  • Non-war eligibility.
  • Ten low-population, low-traffic high-sec systems to mine.
  • Surrounding low-sec provides insulation from typical high-sec ganking traffic.

If you’re an industrialist, we offer:

  • ~400 BPO corp library from which to request BPCs.
  • All ore buyback contracts available for any corp industrialist to claim.
  • Local manufacturing system cost index <2%.
  • Regional FW and low-sec pirate population customer base.
  • Region contains two large regional market hubs (each of which has made the Top 10 Stations for Sell Orders in New Eden) to sell those items that won’t move locally.

If you’re a mission runner, we offer:

  • 5% corp tax.
  • Salvage buyback at 95% Jita buy order pricing.
  • Local Level 4 Security agent.
  • 48 Level 4 agents within 5 jumps.

If you’re a pvp-er, we offer:

  • Local market stocked with pvp fitting essentials.
  • T1 ship replacement at manufacturing cost.
  • Home region contains 56 low-sec systems to roam.
  • Industrial targets off-limits, but otherwise NBSI.

Join us now and get settled in for the week before our upcoming May events, with profit-sharing and half a billion isk in prizes!

Saturday, May 2: Inaugural Mining Fleet Op

  • Celebrates construction of our new Orca by putting it to work!
  • Participation earns profit share, regardless of personal production. All ore compressed and sold in hub. Full distribution of day’s proceeds to members.
  • 50% of proceeds distributed to profit shareholders, relative to share count. 50% of proceeds distributed equally to participants, regardless of share count.
  • All participants receive free 1% mining yield implant at the start of the event. All participants entered into raffle to win one of 3x 3% mining yield implants. All participants entered into raffle to win one of 2x Prospect expedition frigates.

Saturday, May 9: PvP Training 101: Solo PvP

  • Hilarity and highjinks as a bunch of miners challenge each other to frigate duels, coached by veteran pvp’ers.
  • Corp provides free, pre-fit frigates (Incursus and Kestrel) to blow up all day.
  • All participants entered into raffle to win one of 12x Incursus/Kestrel SKINs.
  • Profit-linked decoration awarded to whoever racks up the highest win/loss ratio. Winner also receives Small Skill Injector.

Saturday/Sunday May 16/17: PvP Training 102: Small Gang Roam

  • We put our new skills to the test as we join a local low-sec alliance on a frigate roam. Free ship replacement for the duration of the event.
  • All participants entered into raffle to win one of 2x Garmurs.
  • Profit-linked decoration awarded to first person to get a killing blow during the event. Winner also receives Small Skill Injector.

If you’re a miner, industrialist, mission runner or pew-pew-er, we need you and we want you with us. Now’s a great time to join up:

  • Every time you participate in an event, you’re awarded a profit share. Can’t make a future mining op? You’ll still get paid based on past participation!
  • In addition to standard event prizes, most special events will give you the opportunity to win additional profit shares by satisfying some “win condition”.
  • Limited play time? Show up for events and you have the opportunity to amass future profit potential even during your downtime.
  • Have play time to spare? Dedicate some of your time working on behalf of the corp to earn additional profit shares.

We are still recruiting miners, industrialists, mission runners, and casual pvp-ers!

Interested? I pretty much plan on having these miners online as much as possible pulling in whatever I’m mining at the moment. Just need some direction on best route to go with making my own little mining fleet and a little guidance on production setup. Think it might work out in both our favors.

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