Sugestion to CCP to increase New player Retention and OMEGA

i have an idea…

I think @CCP May find it interesting .

New pilots are pretty unconscious about what to do in EVE Online… and it takes fair amount of time for them to explore the game and figure out what to do …

Its an idea… :heart:
Every pilot has yearly 1 chance free to Re-arrange their Attributes …

Why don’t you give All Alfa pilots one time chance to RE distribute their alfa skill points until 5 mil skill point. if they go into Omega ? ( some didnt understand ALFA pilots means SKill points with ALFA restrictions :slight_smile: means its ALFA ( as long as CCP doesnt make any alfa account with no ALfa restriction )

that redistributed skills will never never be extractable and never be able to redistribute anyways…
This sugestions will apply same as the 1mil skill point for a new account… CCP has already dedicated base for that mind set… when a New account went into account management and made this new account OMEGA then they will get chance to re destribute their skils for one alfa character … they turn to omega … thats all

Can this induce many alfa players to go omega and reshape their skill points when they figured out to the game ???

give them a chance to explore EvE online and all its beauties more relax and freeway? and encourage them to go Omega and build more confident game play ?

Discuss \o/


You can arrange that with 10 skill extractors. It will be pricey, but I don’t think such a gift is needed for becoming Omega the first time.

It would also delay getting Omega the fist time, as it is more beneficial to to rearrange 5m points rather than 2.

In the rookie channel MOTD , they are prompted with this:

along other useful guides and links and guidance from the channel itself . Also if they are capable of thinking and breathing at the same time , they can find a bazillion guides on youtube about anything that’s related to Eve Online.
All that it takes from them is just a bit of effort in reading and listening so that they can:

It’s kinda hard to fail in SP allocation if you follow this:

and figure out what type of ship(s) do you want to use .

Player retention is a much more complicated problem and tbh I think CCP still doesn’t know how to tackle it properly with their current agenda whatever that might be, but for certain is buy more PLEX and injectors.

Does this word really fit there?

i know how to tackle it … and I know the human Psychology… also i know EVE Online for over a decade… Being able to see this case from New players perspective is very important… They are Rain down by lots of out of game sources and content… and learning the game happens %95 percent outdie the game then inside the game … How CCP can expect the hold people in game … while they are spending and reading that much thing outside the game ??
you guys doesnt sound to me like in the spirit on VERY NEW PILOT… talking more like someone who spent years in game hardened… and you cant even see the problem HERE… and automatic behavior sending … outside of games …

This is part of the problem … Not the solution


Then by all means, apply for a job right now at CCP , if you think you have solutions in these “desperate times” …

I feel like I have seen threads like this before:

“I want X, think of the newbies!”


how this comment of yours contribute this discussion topic?


You want something (re-arrange your skill points) and come up with a suggestion to make this available for free for all newbies, because we need newbies right?

You can already re-arrange your skillpoints, but it will cost you some skill extractors.

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Actually I have made a kind of presentations not on this subject but player retention, instant gratification potential of EVE online and risk averse behaviors — and sent case to CCP last year…
… Then i had chance to test it solid… and it works great …

Im professional and mastered these kind of stuff… I had also chance to talk to CCP too… about the other subject… This idea is new … and i would like to hear NEW pilots INSIGHTS more


Well, I started this game in 2008 and still play , just created a new acc last year on X-mas day, after a 3 year break. Back then (2008) while my skills were training and was still in highsec doing missions or mining or whatever , I have spent most of my time reading on Eve University and what we had back then as Evelopedia, since my internet connection couldn’t handle youtube . It was a pleasant experience that helped me a lot , and for sure it helped me in not making a ton of mistakes live on TQ. It’s what they say , knowledge is power , and knowledge is not gained instantly .


Would you be kind to share those here and what CCP had to say about them , so that others that don’t know of them can see them ?

I like it. I think it’s a perfectly reasonable idea to give a one off opportunity to redistribute skills while you are still under the 5 mil SP mark. It means that if a newbie comes in and makes some mistakes training or invests skills in an area they end up not enjoying, they can correct it wihout the need to pay what amounts to a significant chunk of ISK for a newbie.

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Redistribute skills would just be abused more by vets

You’re thinking of rearranging attribute points.

This suggestion is about rearranging skill points.

It’s not remaps that he is referring to , but redistribution of invested skill points.

Yeah, I corrected


it was my "Player speaker submission " for the last Fanfest in Iceland…And idea came out after i Talk to CCP in Amsterdam Invasion tour… Nothing random here … And that all has cancelled because of Corona epidemic … I would like to hold the details still for the speaker submission …if you would like to talk about details and if you are a veteran more than welcome to join RvB discord and reach out to me … This is not the main subject of this spesific post


But why is this needed? You do not lose SP over time and will just keep training into all sorts of different aspects over time. With that in mind, you cannot even call training into something you don’t want a “mistake” or “wasted SP” as you can simply train the things you want anyway.


Personally this is how I see things… and you might say I am an asshole here , but when I started in 2008 all that I got was an Ibis and 100k SP . Now new players get 1 mil SP to instantly inject in whatever they like + ~3.5 mil free SP until they reach alpha SP cap and the chance to play for free and ~95% of them don’t stick around (according to studies made by CCP and/or Eve players about player retention).
So, with all of these given to them, what makes you think that they will stick around if they get also a chance to redistribute SP ? I tell you and guarantee that it will not make a difference.