Suggested Mining Ship for a newb?

We told him what he should do, and additionally what he can do. It is possible and sometimes worth a try. But only if you are flexible (looks like you aren’t, but that’s ok).
Not every mistake is stupid, sometimes you learn by doing. As I was mining with my Praxis, I learned to appreciate the advantages of the Venture, so I did most of the event in a Venture (and lost two due to that acid cloud and rats). And I took the Praxis because it was idling around in my hangar for months, so no additional cost for me.
Fun fact: Now it’s idle again…

with T1 rigs and all lowslot Expanded Cargoholds, you only get 4,200 M3 on a rokh.

You get a bit more with Gnosis, around 5,800 with all Expanded Cargoholdas and T1 rigs, but again, youre going to be aligning and moving a lot slower than a Venture.


It’s up to the individual player to decide how or if he plays the game properly. In the sandbox, everything is allowed that does not conflict with the EULA.

My advice to you, @Raimos_Okel: Listen to what others say, but always decide for yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do or not to do. It’s your game and only you decide. There might be the “most efficient way” of doing something. But the “most efficient” might be also the one yielding the least fun.

Also good luck and welcome in New Eden.

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He is either doing it correctly or not.

Bad advice.

Yes. A boosted venture. Seriously. When I started out, being a venture in anoms would get boosted from maybe 1/3 orcas. (On ice in a solo procurer you might get 50:50; as long as you keep going to same icebelt.)

Best suggestion is take your venture to 0.5 systems and mine moon ore. And if you get a boost, you’re laughing. If you are ever in Minmatar, let me know.

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