Suggesting a change to how Agent names, levels, and division are displayed

(Winter Archipelago) #1

With the recent changes, agent information has become a bit messy, and if you have an agent with a long name, information can get pushed off the edge of the window unless you make it much wider.

Sharvavin Jahrzachan, in Amarr, is a perfect example:

The basic layout is:

John Doe Level 4
[Storyline -] Security

While it’s an uncommon (probably even rare) thing to have agents with names long enough to push the level off the edge, it still looks a bit messy the way it is, even when the name is short enough to display the level.

I would like to suggest a change to how this is displayed in order to make it cleaner:

John Doe
Security 4 (or IV)
[Storyline or other relevant information]

Sharvavin would then become:

Sharvavin Jahrzachan
Security 3

There’s already space for three lines of text next to the agent names, so it seems a bit silly to shove the level on the same line as the agent name, only to have it pushed off the edge when an agent has a long name.

Also, UI isn’t one of the available tags for a thread, nor are GUI, user interface, visual(s), or any similar potential tag.

(Amarisen Gream) #2

I had not even realized they had done anything with the agents window tell I had to go redo my R&D agents. I have to say it was weird, but I haven’t spoken to an NPC agent in a few months, so the update is refreshing, but yes it needs polish.