Suggestion + Discussion for small scale pve/pvp

Hello dear capsuleer!

With the surgical strike update and thus effects for our corporation, I want to highlight consequences game changes did/do have for “my eve experience”.
Please correct me if any points are wrong/not complete.

I would be happy, if some feedback from CCP would be given. (Even if it is only being aware of the situation)

1.) Bounty / Ganking
Here, I am sure many posts/rants are posted. In short:
Suicide ganking is profitable as standing can be bought back.
There is no need for hours of ratting/flying mission for improving lost standing.

= ganking is encouraged by game mechanics.

2.) Missile Range (FoF)
In EVE, PVE is cost-risk management.
For running data/relic sites in wh-space, Ravens with long range FoF missiles were used for a time. It takes time (scanning, bookmarking,…) to run the sites. During this time, if there is activity in the wormhole, you have to stop farming. If a gang of ships jumpes into site, there is a 50 to 80 % change to get away with mjd / cloak.

Overall, this activity was on the plus side of risk/rewards (rougly 100 M / h with scanning included). After the FoF missile range change, this type of farming was not possible anymore and thus data/relic sites are not farmed in static whs.

= gangs are encouraged by the game.

3.) Triglavian + Structures
Owning a structure in wh space is useless and a waste of isk / effort at the moment.
As we did experience by ourselves:
A gang of 12 -15 players (8 Kikimoras + 4 guardians) will melt down a fortiza in no time.
If there are 4 players sitting inside the structure, it does not matter which ships they have - they have no chance to defend the structure. Capital ships will not work versus Kikimoras, and breaking 4 guardins is not possible in this configuration.

= as a small gang, do not set up structures. You can not defend them anyway. Stay out of wormhole space. We do not want you there. Eviction for the win!

4.) surgical strike
Turning back to PVE (somewhat high isk giving PVE that is)

= Incursions are now a little bit slow due to resistance changes.

To sum up “my eve experience” of the last few month:

  • Do not solo PVE in WH space
  • We do not want you in WH space
  • and Highsec PVE should not be that easy anyway

… there is not much content left to enjoy …

Um, you didn’t make any suggestions; you just complained.

Also, CCP has not turned their back on PvE, WH space, or HS. What this means is that you’ll need to develop new fits, tactics, and strategies. You can’t just keep doing the same thing and expect the same results. So, as has been repeated innumerable times in the forums, “adapt or die.”


  1. Ganking is part of the player ecosystem, and, in my opinion, good for the game. Besides, it’s up to you whether or not you feed kills to gankers.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t I heard wormholers admit that this was broken. I look at like the pre-nerf EC conduits. I was making a sustained 375mil/hr, while watching youtube, and never lost a ship. So, I knew damn well that the risk to reward ratio was off. So, I made as much money as I could from them while I could, and didn’t complain when they got nerfed.
  3. I once watched one dude in a fortizar wreak havoc on a 40 man fleet of feroxes and ospreys. He did eventually run out of fighters and lose the structure, but he came pretty damn close to forcing us from the field. So, perhaps you might need to invest some effort into learning about structure fitting and defense.

These aren’t ideas or suggestions or even points of discussion. General feedback should go on the respective feedback threads for releases. And to be honest your feedback was rather incoherent - it’s very hard to understand what points you’re trying to make or why you feel the way you do (some of the statements you make are highly questionable without further context). It would be best to delete this thread, and post revised contents on the feedback thread for the release.

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