Suggestion for new class of ship

I want a New Eden wide SUPER emp weapon that, when set off, erases all the races information and blueprints on all tech 2 and 3 ships.

Let’s call it the Great Reset bomb.

Back to KISS.

I’m sure for the sake of new players there should be a no skill required to fly ship class that can steal from other ships’ cargo bay while becoming suspect in the process. We should give new players a realistic method of catching up with the bitter vets. For this reason this should be alpha restricted so Omega players couldn’t fly it.


Can steal sp too, afk on the undock for 2 hours boom back to 5mil sp.

Nano Dreadnought needs to be a thing, for new bros ofc.

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Work In Progress

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“oh look a tristan, we got this” - pew pew pew pew, noooooooooooo ruuuuuun

I refer to this one as My Little Tristan

That was not a easy 1v1 duel for me.

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Happy Cake Day! (btw)

Just go on sisi if you want to play with carriers.

Why would new players use something that could deploy fighters?

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